Yo Yo Yo Yo
If there's one thing you get from this
It's that no one lives forever
Just some people
Like a guy named Mr.Cartwright I know
Word Up

Mr.Cartwright he was a bright man, a bright man he was
He went out and he started a farm
A Farm that farmed little farms
(Little Farms, Little Farms)
And He made those little farms
And sold them to farmers
who wanted to build their own farms
so those little farmers made their own little farms
and then everyone farmed and it was a good farm town
like Maine
Maine, baby
That's a farm town, That's where it's at
No one lives forever
This is K-Cal
Not a radio station, just a nice decimal
I like nice decimals
I don't like improper fractions
Gotta Reduce, Gotta Reduce
(Reduce Those Fractions)
Ya Hear Me, Ya hear Me
FOIL all those radicals and Peace Out

Turn me up a bit
Gimme some room
Gonna freestyle
Gonna break it down real fast
or real slow
Whatever I feel like
It's a freestyle
Do whatever I want
Wash My Hands
Put on some Parachute Pants
Dust my Chipmunk
Talk to my friend Roger
He's named Roger
He don't like no Parachute Pants
Turn me down a bit, It's too loud, I'm going deaf
In the house
Count Funkula rockin' it out
Old School action
Like an arab
but not so much like an arab
he doesn't hoarde Oil
or put embargos
word up
all the llamas out there, you suck

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The Ultimate Rejuvinating Arithmetical Farm Lecture (No Belts Mix) song meanings
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