I'm seeing running beauty from her painting
And its funny how the picture looked like me
With all the stains of the other faces
She's cried upon
And once again with her life sucking grin
She walks away with stolen love
I stare into her eyes blind
I wonder how she gets the power to say goodbye
One more time - As I stand upon broken knees
Last silent cry - One last time
And with the holes you've dug BURY ME

And I'll stay alone thru the darkest of nights
But with lying eyes such as her own
Why would you try all of that time?
Give me reasons why these wounded wings
Wouldn't rise me to blood red skies
And show me why the wind
Wouldn't choke on her cold blue lies
(end chorus)

I could never walk away when we were done
But she only smells of seperation
In my world, when it rains it pours
And I'm seeing lights of the darkest hours
As she walks away with a stolen kiss
An embrace with her is an ocean's apart
Moments with her are nothing more than falling stars
One more time - Before I sink in the shallow end
One last time - So then I'm sure this pain was never PRETEND


Now watch as she walks away
More wings to break
Like any other day
You're smeared across her painting

(chorus 2x)

Lyrics submitted by GrinninVillain6

A Night With Love Is A Lifetime By Yourself song meanings
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