White superiority is what it was really about
Abe Lincoln's dream to get the blacks out
Of his perfect nation, bent on domination
Failed to keep the secret of his negro deportation
Exploiting the blacks as an inferior race
Only judging them by the color of their face
And who gave him the power to steal our land
Ravage, rape, and kill to carry out his racist plans

Keep the country "in its place"
Do anything he can to promote the white race
He only tried to end slavery so the blacks would be free
Free to be returned and taken out of our country

He never really wanted to give the races equality
Instead he only wanted to maintain supremacy
Strengthening his union in the civil war
Making more excuses as to what the fight was for
The people claimed slavery as the reason for the fight
But he wouldn't let them have their way when his goals were just in sight
Then he tried to tell us that he'd make the states united
But as the country came together, the people were divided


He said a house divided against itself cannot stand
But when he became the president, he split the fucking land
Then he began the battle when the South started to resist
So he could preach the great ideas that weren't even his
Being forced into writing the Emancipation Proclamation
Just a public stunt for the current situation
And what did it do anyway? Slavery still went on
For way too many years, and the hatred's still not gone


It was straight up lying to uphold democracy
But it just added to the government's hypocrisy
Lying to the people of the American state
A history of lies to make us look great
Making a holy image of the U. S. of A.
Hiding the truth of our countries evil way
How much farther will the lies be spread
How much more of this shit will we be fed


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Lincoln's White Dream song meanings
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