Thy every look and every grace
So charm whenever I view thee,
'Til death overtake me in the chase
Still will my hopes pursue thee

Then when my tedious hours have past,
Be this my last blessing given
Low at thy feet to breathe my last
And die in sight of heaven.

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Black God Lyrics as written by Adrian Jackson Aaron Stainthorpe

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    General CommentThis is actually taken from a poem called 'Ah! The Shepherd's Mournful Fate', though it sounds just like something MDB would do anyway. The rest of the poem is just as beautiful:

    Ah! the shepherd’s mournful fate!
    When doom’d to love, and doom’d to languish,
    To bear the scornful fair one’s hate,
    Nor dare disclose his anguish.
    Yet eager looks, and dying sighs,
    My secret soul discover,
    While rapture trembling thro’ my eyes
    Reveals how much I love her.
    The tender glance; the redd’ning cheek,
    O’erspread with rising blushes,
    A thousand various ways they speak
    A thousand various wishes.
    For, oh! that form so heavenly fair,
    Those languid eyes so sweetly smiling,
    That artless blush, and modest air,
    So artfully beguiling!
    Thy every look and every grace
    So charms whene’er I view thee,
    Till death o’ertake me in the chase
    Still will my hopes pursue thee;
    Then when my tedious hours are past
    Be this last blessing given,
    Low at thy feet to breathe my last,
    And die in sight of heaven.
    Ad_Nauseamon March 01, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe singing in the background adds so much....amazing. I'm really loving this band, this is the second song I've heard by them.

    I get the impression that this person loves them soo much and is completely infatuated with this other Godly image. That he would give everything including his life just to see her again...
    vampirella666on February 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI've always found it hilarious how the song is like 5 minutes long meanwhile the poem/lyrics are only 2 stanzas...:P

    vampirella666on March 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe songs truly beutiful like all the songs of my dying bride. This isnt a freaking pop crap that has a beat and singing all the time. The band is all about music. Lyrics are beutiful but the music makes it truely a master piece.
    Vampirella666...this is doom metal. its suppose to be slow and beutiful.
    UnraisedMetalon June 16, 2005   Link
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    General Commentuhh, i don't see anything hilarious about making ART vampy
    sainton December 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentTo me it's the most beautiful song by MDB. Every single word I can identify with. To me the lyrics portray someone in search for his perfect counterpart and the last sentence is a compliment hardly to top. While carrying a double-meaning it means to me that the person he's longing for is heaven.

    @ Vampy:
    In regard to your first post, try to see MDB live if you can. Aaron's performs the songs as if he would truely live it but since I presume most of his lyrics to be autobiographical that's perhaps hardly a surprise. Still it's a beautifully shocking performance.
    LeaveMeToDieon September 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI found out that the woman singing in the background is called Zena, but I couldn't find any information on her. Does anyone know anything about her?

    This is such a beautiful song though. I understood the beginning very clearly. He's talking about this woman, and how beautiful and graceful she is. But "Death overtook [him] in the chase" or killed her, but he still longs for her, or hopes to meet her (perhaps in the afterlife?). The end is a bit hazy though. It's obvious that the man is dying, but i can't seem to fathom the whole thing. Help?

    Anyways, another awesome song by My Dying Bride. Such a beautiful piece of music!
    Nox_Noctison December 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMaybe "die in sight of heaven" means that he dies at her feet, as if she is heaven.
    Ratatoion April 11, 2009   Link

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