What you say, what you mean
And the space between those words
What you know, anymore
I don't think so anymore
What you say, what you mean
And the distance that's between
Those two words, anymore
I don't think so anymore

What you say, what you mean
I don't think so anymore
Anymore, time between
What you say and what you mean

I need more
To talk to you so bad
So bad I could
Cry again, just like last time
Don't cry any more, I don't mind
It's a waste of time

Don't need anymore, time between
Between those words, you and me
Time between you and me, anymore
Anymore, time between, I don't think so any more
Time between, what'd you say
I don't think so anymore
I need more, you need
More is what you say
Anymore (I'll go away)

Sick of yourself, sick of yourself
Sick of being someone else
I'm sick of myself, sick of
Everything I am, any

Time between, you and, everything
Time between, you and, this

Look at me, look at me
I'm as useless as can be
No time anymore, not tired anymore
Tired of what you see in me
Time between, you and me
Time between two words any more
Not anymore, not anymore
It's the time between you and me

Not any more, not any more
It's the time between you and me
Any more

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Anymore Time Between Lyrics as written by Bruce Gardner Bob Mould


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    General CommentI simply adore this song, I can't quite pinpoint what it is but I think a lot of it has to do with his voice, and the guitar riffs. They're just amazing.
    banaon June 25, 2004   Link
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    General Commenti also adore this song. I think its his voice that makes it amazing
    Tapies24on April 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe somewhat-disjointed feel of the lyrics: at first I'd wondered whether Bob might have been doing a W.S. Burroughs-style cut-up: taking small bits of words and rearranging them, trying to wring different meanings from them. With his creative abilities, I wouldn't be surprised if he could do it in his head (rather than pulling scraps of paper from a hat).

    Listening to this recently, after not having played it for a long time--standing in the rain on Christmas Day (needing a few minutes respite from family togetherness)--the light went on over my head.

    It's a phone conversation. Bob's singing both his own lines, and also the lines of the person on the other end of the phone.

    A: "Don't cry anymore; don't cry anymore--"
    B: "I don't think so"
    A: "--anymore. You'll do it again!"
    B: "I don't mind...it's a waste of time."

    (What I've got here, it's not quite aligned with the lyrics on the page. But I transcribed it while listening to the song; I think it's right.)

    Imagine person A was repeating "don't cry anymore" while person B began by saying quietly "I don't think so," i.e. half-heartedly claiming: I'm able to talk with you without crying. In the background person A was continuing to worry aloud about having to simply listen to someone crying into the phone, then cuts in: "You'll do it again!" Person B (listen closely to Bob's performance) chuckles mirthlessly while speaking, and admits:

    - not being particularly worried about whether he cries again

    - wondering whether there's any point in the two of them "wasting time" continuing to talk with each other, going round in circles like this

    This is assuming Bob is person B, which would kinda fit. OK, anyone might be concerned about holding back tears so as not to "make a scene." But it's more humiliating for a man to have someone hear him cry: having been taught (some having it beaten into them, literally) that this is something boys/men don't do. Ever.

    Which doesn't exclude person A also being male. We've all heard the news by now. Even Bob is cool talking about it...these days, anyway. No longer angry like when he was first "outed" by a certain clique of gay activists, and also by members of the band Pansy Division. Not that a lot of folks in the scene didn't already know. But when it's no longer a secret--not even supposed to be a secret--people treat you differently. And everyone knows, and you know they know, etc.

    What I've explicated: it's complex and intertwined, being based not only on the interplay of two sometimes-overlapping voices, but also the "space between" their words--the distance between "what you say" and "what you mean"--and (subtext) between what you say and what you really feel.

    That's only half of one verse. Whew--
    foreverdroneon February 15, 2011   Link

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