It's Christmas Day in gay Paris
Not so gay for Galen Z.
Sixteen hours in a sweaty kitchen
For money that makes
minimum wage look good.
6 a.m. on the subway
Stop station, through the doorway
Crowds of people
Standing, yelling, screaming
"What's going on? I must be dreaming."
And the city forgets
They didn't even perceive
And the trains keep blowing up
week after week.
Franzel's traveled wide and far
Back from the U.S.S.R.
Went there to pursue a lifelong calling
You found only numb toes and helpless longing.
Now you're back at home today
Back in the old USA.
Scoop up handfuls of your native dust
And cross the country in a Greyhound bus.
Another failed attempt
It's no use trying to pretend
Now you're right back where you started again.
I saw what's wrong but I didn't see how
I saw, I saw
We're all grown up now.
Today's your twentieth birthday
Alone you walk the banks of Maine
As time runs out to write the second verse of
The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock.
While you're gone we'll be here still
Just beyond those distant hills
Could be that you got the upper hand
When you left this rustic never-never land.
And my breathing constricts
I feel the walls closing in
Could it be that finally we're all
Shedding some skin.

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    My InterpretationI always thought this song was about the ill-effects of those young 20-somethings who have who have claimed to be struck by some kind "wanderlust" or romantic need to travel. Often times to places of historical importance either artistic or literary. Without actually being pragmatic about the logistics of living in a new country. This is also viewed as sort of an eccentric stopgap and passage or rite into adulthood by doing something completely selfish.
    In the second narrative told by the author the protagonist finally realizes the error of their ways by giving false credence to the idea of being “enlightened” by travel and is both thankful and relieved to be back in the U.S.A. The last part of the song explains that while the protagonists are off looking for a better way of life those of us who are left behind will enjoy the good life in our beautiful country that we have all grown to love.

    The overall theme serves as a warning to the listener it’s not the place that changes you it’s you who changes. The last couple lines in the song are supposed to be ironic about “the walls closing” in since the author of the song doesn’t exactly feel stifled by his options to stay in his home country. The song’s title is about how despite where you grow up we all grow up we all grow up regardless.
    swoopdogon December 26, 2016   Link

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