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Super sonic slimmy dance
Super sonic slimmy go go
gucha gucha gucha shaberu
gera gera hashi korogari warau
kotanaki o yoshi to shi mune nadeorosu
uja uja nazo no ikimono

Slimmy boys
Slimmy girls
Slimmy babe
Slimmy men

gimu no you ni suya suya onenne
kore karoujite jinsei no kugiri na no deshou?
imi mo nai kedo chigiru you ni oshaberi
itsumo ka mo fuka mo naku atama naderarenai

Slimmy face
Slimmy mind
Slimmy brain
Slimmy you&me

Bacteria Bacteria choito da mashita munyo munyo yarou ga
Bacteria Bacteria ameeba no ame arare
Bacteria Bacteria anata mo watashi mo becho becho
Bacteria Bacteria tokete nagareteshimaeba hai sore made yo

Super sonic slimmy dance
Super sonic slimmy go go

ano hadaka no ousama hadaka no ossan
ano hadaka no ousama roba no mimi da ne
iccha nara nee koto mo aru
kikare chaike nee koto mo aru kodomo kokoro de kizuke iteitemo
gutto taete ana no naka

Slimmy smilin'
Slimmy talkin'
Slimmy fuckin'
Slimmy yeah yeah

Bacteria Bacteria doko no donata ga doushita koushita
Bacteria Bacteria ureshi hazugashi himegoto zaregoto
Bacteria Bacteria doko no donata ka zonjimasen ga
Bacteria Bacteria irame go-sewa nya namida ga cho cho gire ruze

douseko no yo ni umareta kara nya
saiku nagaku neba neba Never Never
kawai ano musume no Super sonic slimmy hooker
mitaka onaji chikyuu no beta beta seijin

Slimmy music
Slimmy war
Slimmy star
Slimmy dance

Bacteria Bacteria paranoia hisuteria
Bacteria Bacteria kitare mirai no wakoudotachi yo
Bacteria Bacteria hakidame no tsuru mushirare korosarete
Bacteria Bacteria tokakete nakareru
Bacteria Bacteria nozomu nozo mazu ni wa kakawarazu
Bacteria Bacteria iku michi hitotsu to satottara kara nya
Bacteria Bacteria kono yo no oni to gotete tsunaide
Bacteria Bacteria zente hakidase

Super sonic slimmy dance
Super sonic slimmy go go

tokakete nagarete hai sore made yo

Lyrics submitted by Aisaki

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    General Commentthis is a good song.. i just wish i could find the translationed lyrics to it T.T
    murasakikumoon April 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI have the translation somewhere... and I think it's some kind of scream to society, that the world is a rotten mess... no?
    Juriion August 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSuper sonic slimy dance
    Super sonic slimy go go
    Sloppy sloppy chattering
    They laugh at anything
    Satisfied with nothing bad happening, they're relieved
    Swarms of mysterious creatures

    Slimy boys
    Slimy girls
    Slimy babe
    Slimy men

    It's sleeping dutifully and soundly
    Will this just manage to end it's life?
    It's meaningless, but it chatters about promises
    It wants it's head stroked, never anything else improper

    Slimy face
    Slimy mind
    Slimy brain
    Slimy you & me

    Bacteria, bacteria; that spineless bastard appears now and then
    Bacteria, bacteria; it's raining amoebas
    Bacteria, bacteria; you and I are both sticky and wet
    Bacteria, bacteria; if it dissolves and oozes, yes, it's the end

    Super sonic slimy dance
    Super sonic slimy go go

    That naked king, the naked idiot
    That naked king, he has donkey ears
    It must not be said
    It must not be heard
    Even if it's realized in the mind of a child
    It endures being simmered, inside of a hole

    Slimy smilin'
    Slimy talkin'
    Slimy fuckin'
    Slimy yeah yeah

    Bacteria, bacteria; someone somewhere did this and that
    Bacteria, bacteria; pleased and embarrassed, secrets and teasing
    Bacteria, bacteria; I don't know anyone from anywhere
    Bacteria, bacteria; tears are she'd for needless debt

    Anyway, it was born to this world
    Slender, long, and sticky, never never
    That lovely girl is a super sonic slimy hooker
    Have you seen them? The sticky people of the stars of this same earth

    Slimy music
    Slimy war
    Slimy star
    Slimy dance

    Bacteria, bacteria; paranoia, hysteria
    Bacteria, bacteria; come, young people of the future
    Bacteria, bacteria; a crane in a rubbish heap, it was plucked and killed
    Bacteria, bacteria; dissolving and oozing
    Bacteria, bacteria; Not concerning myself with your desires
    Bacteria, bacteria; When you find the one way to go to be enlightened
    Bacteria, bacteria; hand in hand with a devil of this world
    Bacteria, bacteria; vomit out everything

    Super sonic slimy dance
    Super sonic slimy go go

    Dissolving and oozing, yes, it's the end
    mutoh3llon September 21, 2008   Link

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