With you in my arms. We float up in the sky. We float up in the heavens. Way up with the stars. We leave the world behind. We get lost looking into each others eyes. But as the old saying goes. What goes up. Must come down. And baby i can see the fall ahead. This dream that we're in. Will have to end. But I'm scared that when i wake up. I'll never go to sleep again. I'm crying for you. But most of all. I'm crying for my self. Because i don't want to be alone. And when we fall. Sweetheart we're gonna crash. And we're gonna burn. But will i. Be able to get up and walk away. From the burning wreckage that was my heart. When i woke up this morning alone. I was clutching my tear stained pillow. Even though we were only apart for one night. We both knew from the start. That we wouldn't be forever. I knew that we would end with a broken heart. You said "It's a far better thing. To have loved and lost. Than to have never loved at all". Well i don't know if it's true. But i know that there is nothing i would have rather done. Than spend the last few months with you. It seems that every thing we have. Leaves a bittersweet taste in my mouth. Because i know that it won't last much longer. Sometimes i forget. And i let myself go. And my heart starts to burst from all the inspiration. But always in the back of my mind. I know that no matter how high we soar. We're gonna have to come down. And wake up. Wake up from this dream.

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