It's not a game, but I don't wanna lose don't make me choose
Between success and shit that's fresh
‘Cause I will always choose my own happiness
No you don't know me, we ain’t never met
I'm not from your town, never seen me around
‘Cause where I’m from
We still havin' from
And now the kingdom's come
You're done, and I am the royal son

I'm not shy
Forgive me
So please don't cry
Forgive me
If you can't handle this
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me

And if it's to raw
Forgive me
That's my faux paux
Forgive me
If you can't handle this
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me

Music, father forgive me, I’m smokin' like a chimney
Up inside the studio with Jarvis here with me
They call we da underdogs, we da comin' runnin' under y'all
We no come fi talk, gun fi bark under unu bumba-claught
Tell a guy fuck-off we run the park, sing from the heart, king from the start
Jelly one, tell you what, bling down the chart, bling down the rass, big sound a blast
Money ching-ching every big town we pass, find a slim ting run ring 'round she ass
Only grim ting is a rign now she want


No, this one goes out to all the boys and all the girls in the whole world
You don't have to worry, you don't doubt, we not goin' to sell out, no


This is classical, inter-outa-international, world-wide, televisied, dramitised, yo,unu just cyan't standadize, yaunderstand, over-stand, over-land, over-seas, only god alone over me.

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