"They Want EFX" as written by Andre G Weston and Willie D Hines....
Bum stiggedy bum stiggedy bum, hon, I got the old pa-rum-pum-pum-pum
But I can fe-fi or fo, diddly-bum, here I come
So Peter Piper, I'm hyper than Pinocchio's nose
I'm the supercalafragilistic tic-tac pro
I gave my oopsy, daisy, now you've got the Crazy
I'm Crazy with the books, Googley-goo where's the gravy
So one two, um, buckle my, um shoe
Yabba Doo, hippity-hoo, crack a brew
So trick or treat, smell my feet, yup I drippedy-dropped a hit
So books get on your mark and spark that old censorship
Drats and double drats, I smiggedy-smacked some whiz kids
The boogedy-woogedly Brooklyn boy's about to get his, dig
My waist bone's connected to my hip bone
My hip bone's connected to my thigh bone
My thigh bone's connected to my knee bone
My knee bone's connected to my hardy-har-har-har
The jibbedy-jabber jaw ja-jabbing at your funny bone, um
Skip the Ovaltine, I'd rather have a honeycomb
Or preferably the sinsemilla, Let's spiggedy-spark the blunts, um
Dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun

They want EFX, some live EFX
They want EFX, some live EFX
They want EFX, some live EFX
Snap a neck for some live EFX

Well I'll be darned, shiver me timbers yo, head for the hills!
I picked a weeping willow, and a daffodil
So back up bucko or I'll pulverize McGruff
Cause, this little piggy gets, busy and stuff
Arrivederci, heavens to mercy, honky tonk I get swift
I caught a Snuffleupagus and smoked a boogaloo spliff
I got the nooks, the cranies, the nitty gritty 40 doe
So all aboard, castaway, hey where's my boogaloo?
Oh-h-h-h-h-h-hhh I'm steamin, a-go-ny!
Why's everybody always pickin on me?

They call me Puddin' Tane, and rap's my game
You ask me again and I'll t-tell you the same
Since I'm the vocal vegemintarian, stick 'em up freeze so
No Parks sausages, mom, please
A-Blitz shoots the breeze, twiddly-dee shoots his lip
Crazy Drayzie shot the sheriff yup, and I shot the gift
And that's PRET-TY SNEA-KY SIS, oh yo
I got my socks off, my rocks off, my Nestle's cup of cocoa
Holly Hobbie tried to slob me, tried to rob me silly stunt
Diggedy-dun dun dun dun dun, DUN DUN!

They want EFX, some live EFX
They want EFX, some live EFX
They want EFX, some live EFX
Snap a neck for some live EFX

Yahoo, hidee-ho yup I'm coming around the stretch
So here Fido boy, fetch, boy, fetch
I got the rope-a-dope a slippery choker, look at me get raw
And I'm the hickory-dickory top of morning boogoloo big jaw
With the yippedy zippedy Winnie the Pooh bad boy blue
Yo crazy got the gusto, what up, I swing that too
So nincompoop give a hoot and stomp a troop without a strain
Like Rosco P.-P. Coltrane
I spiggedy-spark a spiff and give a twist like Chubby Checker
I take my Froot Loops with two scoops, make it double decker
Oh Finster baby, come to Papa Duke
A babaloo, ooh, a babaloo boogedy boo
I went from Gucci to Stussy, to fliggedy-flam a groupie
To Zsa Zsa, to yibbedy-yabba dabba hoochie koochie
Tally ho I-I'll take my Stove Top instead of potatoes, so
Maybe I'll shoot 'em now, nope maybe I'll shoot 'em later, yep
I used to have a dog and Bingo was his name oh, so uh
B - I - N - G - O-oh
You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, hon, so uh
Dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun

They want EFX, some live EFX
They want EFX, some live EFX
They want EFX, some live EFX
Snap a neck for some live EFX

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"They Want EFX" as written by Andre G Weston William D Hines

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    General CommentI love this song!!!! Figuring he talks about smoking blunts and stuff he doesnt know what he is talking about!
    classy26on August 11, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOne of the best Old School Rap songs ever!! When I first heard this song many, many years ago, I truly had no fucking idea what they were actually saying, much less what they were meaning with this song! Now, years later, well I know exactly what they're saying and yet I still have not a damned clue as to the meaning!! I think the way they throw in a ton of gibberrish into every line is intended to throw your ass for a loop! Still love it though. My white-ass can rap to this song almost as well as they do!! Ahhhh yeah!!!
    FreezeSukkaon January 10, 2008   Link
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    General CommentFirst of all, 'Books' and 'Krazie Drayzie' are their names. Second, Das EFX watched way too much television in the 80s and 90s which included plenty of reruns from the 60s and 70s. Because of that, plenty of their tracks have a vast amount of references, lines, and commercial jingles throughout.

    There will be no other like the Diggy Das!
    allaboutthemusic547on January 27, 2015   Link

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