"Tears" as written by and James Gerard Mcdermott....
All of the seasons
And all of the days
All of the reasons
Why I've felt this way
So long
So long

Then lost in that feeling
I looked in your eyes
I noticed emotion
And that you had cried
For me
I can see

What would touch me deeper
Tears that fall from eyes
That only cry?
Would it touch you deeper
Than tears that fall from eyes
That know why?

A lifetime of questions
Tears on your cheek
I tasted the answers
And my body was weak
For you
The truth

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    General CommentI think this song is about someone who has had enormous emotional/existential struggles ("all of the seasons, all of the days..." for what seems like their whole life ("a lifetime of questions"), has always sought genuine understanding and empathy ("eyes that know why"), but has never found it. They feel totally alone in the world.

    What I can't figure out is, when they see that the other person has cried for them, do they realize that that person truly understands what they're going through? The ending "I tasted the answers / and my body was weak / for you / the truth" seems to indicate that; but the part about "what would touch me deeper ... eyes that only cry ... or eyes that know why" might mean that they don't feel genuinely understood by the other person.

    On a more intuitive level, this song made me imagine a grievous, emotionally draining relationship between two people. Perhaps they are so attached that it causes them great pain, or they desperately need each other but often wind up fighting. But in the pain they find great meaning; it proves how significant their relationship is. In the music you can hear the weakness the singer feels after being consumed by years of pain. I think it's beautiful how the music captures that feeling so poignantly.
    jedwardson April 15, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song taught me how to lift the needle off the groove while the disk was still rotating and move it 1/2 inch further toward the center...
    sparky13on January 27, 2008   Link
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    General Commentwow....i cant believe nobody posted anything about this song. I love it, I love the beat, the sound, basically everything about it. I think this song is about love, which rare for Rush to sing about. I think it's about that unexplainable feeling you get when you are with that person. Tears, happy ones at least I think, to be in love...for knoing and understanding the meaning of true love. I don't know I could be wrong about the true meaning of this song but that is just my opinion of what it means to me. True love is something that just can't be explained, its just a feelings...an unbelievable feeling that you get...
    steel07on October 21, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti think of Tears as more of a break up song than as a love song...the girl is breaking up with the guy because he isnt affectionate enough for her and not sensitive enough and he thinks that she doesnt think of him as someone to lean on in time of need "what would touch me deeper/tears that fall from from eyes that only cry/would it touch you deeper/than tears that fall from eyes/that know why"...i dunno i could be way off on this one
    PJamfan90on December 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about a person who suddenly realized how much the other person loves them. They see the true tears of sadness and it touches their heart.
    HERSELFon October 05, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningI feel like this is a love song. It is a very sad song, (the title definitely proves that) but I feel like this song IS my love life.

    This song is about two people who are in love, but they didn't know the feeling was mutual. Something could of happened between them to make them feel this, or they are friends and they don't want to ruin the friendship. Anything, that doesn't matter. The song is from one persons point of view, let's just say the girls. She has cried over the guy, because she wants something she felt like she couldn't have. But they get together, and she finds out he has cried over her.

    I absolutely LOVE this song. Definitely one of rush's most underrated.
    Arianna1012on July 23, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationArianna, I know exactly the feeling you mean, but you're dead wrong. Your theory completely falls apart in the chorus.

    The first verse is clear, it describes how long the singer has loved the other person.
    The second verse starts off in the same vein, and also implies that they are together, but then brings up something else. Something hidden, that hurts the other person.
    The singer sees this, and is hurt that, not only is the other person so upset by this, but that the other person is keeping this from them (What would touch me deeper, tears that fall...). They can also see that this has been going on for some time, and is deeply troubling the other person (...from eyes that only cry.) They start to wonder what it could be, and why they would hide it from them. The singer realizes that them knowing would hurt both themselves, and the one they love, even more (Would it touch you deeper? Tears from eyes that know why?).
    Realizing this, the singer worries even more, both frantic to know, and terrified of knowing (A lifetime of questions.). Eventually, they confront the one they love (Tears on your cheek.), and find out what's going on (I tasted the answers). They find out that they were right, now that they know the truth, it hurts more than they can bear (My body was weak, for you, the truth).
    The truth is too much for them to bear (What would touch me deeper...), and they can't handle it (Tears from eyes that only cry.). They understand why the one they love hid it from them (Would it touch you deeper?), but it is too late (Tears that fall from eyes that... know... why...).

    This is a song about being cheated on.
    Skelatoxon September 08, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI have a car with over a few thousand songs louded in memory and I always have it play in random shuffle!
    On Saint Patrick's day 2016 I was driving my son and daughter to School and every song had meaning to my situation !
    My father , who is 89 years old is in the hospital and after I drop off the kids I'm flying in a plane to see him! All the songs had significance to me with what was going on with my father! The first song was Tears from the Rush 2112 album
    I was able to get there and hold my fathers hand! I talked to him and within 20-30 minutes he squeezed my hand tight and a few minutes later he started crying and so did I!
    After holding his hand and talking for about4 hours he let go closed his eyes and flatlined
    I got a chance to read the lyrics to "Tears" by Rush and were dumbfounded by how much they meant to my situation ! Amazing!
    grim2320on March 22, 2016   Link
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    General CommentSuch a great song! I really love Alice In Chains recent cover. Anyways, to me I feel like this song is about love. It's about that eye opening moment when you realize someone loves you deeply enough to shed tears for you. I think many of us feel like we're not good enough and when you realize you're someone's world, it's life changing. "What would touch me deeper than tears that fall from eyes that only cry"
    evanriley4410on December 20, 2016   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of the few songs with lyrics NOT written by Neal Peart. Instead, Geddy Lee penned these lyrics. This is pretty obvious by the style of the song based on the rest of the material in the album. Back in the days of 2112, Neal wrote the rest of the album as a response to the critics who described their previous attempt harshly. in fact, the Caress of Steel tour was nicknamed the 'down the tubes tour'. the previous 'fly by night tour was so well received as a sophomore album that rush was hailed as one of the greatest rock bands to date. In any case, 2112 was quite retaliatory and was directed at critics who panned them. it remains one of the alltime great albums in rock history with one of the best received rock-operas ever performed. Tears is a departure for the album. One of the few love songs (or pseudo love songs) the trio would publish.

    NOTE: many people believe that the retaliatory nature of 2112 is the SOLE reason Rush has not been inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Quite an injustice. Even non-fans must agree they have made an indellible mark on rock music. With most of the musicians in the genre citing Rush members as their inspiration and with most of the rock mags of the 70s, 80s and 90s (and a few even now) nominating them as the mest musicuans on the scene, I tend to beleive there might be some truth to this rumor
    Frank_Perkon December 17, 2005   Link

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