"Red Lenses" as written by and Geddy Lee Weinrib Neil Peart....
I see red
And it hurts my head
Guess it must be something
That I read

It's the color of your heartbeat
A rising summer sun
The battle lost or won
The flash to fashion
And the pulse to passion
Feels red
Inside my head
And truth is often bitter
Left unsaid
Said red red
Thinking about the overhead
The underfed

Couldn't we talk about something else instead

We've got mars on the horizon
Says the national midnight star
(It's true)
What you believe is what you are
A pair of dancing shoes
The soviets are the blues
The reds
Under your bed
Lying in the darkness
Dead ahead

And the mercury is rising
Barometer starts to fall
You know it gets to us all
The pain that is learning
And the rain that is burning
Feel red
Still, go ahead
You see black and white
And I see red
(Not blue)

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"Red Lenses" as written by Gary Lee Weinrib Neil Elwood Peart


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    General CommentThis song is about how paranoia can distort judgment.
    psywviciouson August 06, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis is about Neil reading the newspaper "national midnight star", and getting pissed off about it's content.

    i see red
    it hurts my head
    guess it must be something
    that i read

    it's the colour of your heartbeat (opinion or letters to the editor)
    a rising summer sun (New day)
    the battle lost -- or won (war news or stock market)
    the flash to fashion (style or fashion page)
    and the pulse to passion --
    feels red
    inside my head
    and truth is often bitter -- (reading between the lines)
    left unsaid
    said red red
    thinking about the overhead -- (business section)
    the underfed

    we've got mars on the horizon (astronomy)
    says the national midnight star
    (it's true)
    what you believe is what you are
    a pair of dancing shoes --
    the soviets are the blues --

    the reds (fear of the Russians)
    under your bed
    lying --
    in the darkness
    dead ahead

    and the mercury is rising (weather)
    barometer starts to fall
    you know it gets to us all
    the pain that is learning
    and the rain that is burning -- (acid rain)
    feel red
    still -- go ahead
    you see black and white -- (newspaper)
    and i see red
    (not blue) ?

    allen2112on August 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWritten in the perspective of someone who likes red.
    Razormasticatoron March 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI can just imagine Sammy Hagar covering this. :)
    Random7on December 16, 2005   Link
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    General CommentYes, but what does it mean? I still can't figure out the meaning.
    NUMBER 4on May 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAha. It's about the Soviet (Russian) government, and how it is communism. Or just communist government in general. The Russians are under a communist government. It's not democratic, or dictator ship, really, it invloves people getting paid the same amount for jobs. For example, a doctor would get paid the same as an executive of a large company. Atleast, that's what I see in it. Seeing red can mean very angry -- red symbolizes anger.
    NUMBER 4on June 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI suspect The National Midnight Star is a propaganda publication. That seems to be the theme of this song as I see it. To be more specific, I think the theme of this song is the influence of propaganda on public opinion and the resulting adverse effects on society. "truth is often bitter left unsaid" is a great play on words that I have always loved.
    FlyIgglesFlyon December 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI've already commented on this - it was quite some time back...like, years ago. Where'd that comment go???

    The National Midnight Star was a fictional newspaper from a Second City Television skit. You young whippersnappers will have to look up just what SCTV was on your own. Anyway, in the skit - the National Midnight Star was a tabloid paper (sort of like the Enquirer) and when they mention some bizarre, outlandish crazy story - a chorus of people in the office would chime in saying: "And it's true!". ...I dunno, maybe they have an old clip of the skit on yous-tubes er som'en.

    Anyway, the song is *obviously* about 'information overload' - which was actually not all that easy to achieve back when it was released; at least, not when compared to today.
    bpearlston January 27, 2012   Link

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