Who's come to slay the dragon
Come to watch him fall
Making arrows out of pointed words
Giant killers, at the call
Too much fuss and bother
Too much contradiction and confusion
Peel away the mystery
Here's a clue to some real motivation

All there really is
The two of us
And we both know why we've come along
Nothing to explain
It's a part of us
To be found within a song

What happened to our innocence
Did it go out of style?
Along with our naivete?
No longer a child
Different eyes see different things
Different hearts
Beat on different strings
But there are times
For you and me
When all such things agree

All there really is
The two of us
And we both know why we've come along
Nothing to explain
It's a part of us
To be found within a song

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Different Strings Lyrics as written by Alex Lifeson Geddy Lee


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    General CommentI see this song as possibly being about two(or more) types of relationships:

    1. A long-term relationship in which two people truly love each other, but their differences have made it very difficult and inharmonious, yet for the distance created by it, their bond and love for each other remains. It's hard to tell if they are still together, but the line:
    "but there are times
    for you and me when all such things agree,"
    seems like an indication that they WANT to remain together & get along in the face of the "differences."

    "different eyes see different things
    different hearts beat on different strings."
    The above line about differences reminds me of when the emotional security within a relationship is shaken by realizing that as years have gone by, they have changed and where they maybe both once agreed about virtually everything now have strong differences of opinion about individually important issues and their once simple relationship became very complicated.
    "What happened to our innocence, did it go out of style
    along with our naivete
    no longer a child"...

    Yet, on a positive note, "but there are times for you and me when all such things agree."

    2. I could be alone in this, but I have a very close friend that I've known since 3rd grade. We grew up together, listened to Rush albums in his room for years, played in bands together, etc. Best buds, right? Well, since we've gotten married and are raising kids, we have our differences, and we very rarely talk but there's a bond there still that in spite of that, when we call each other up once or twice a year it's as though we've been together all along. And if I put that song on in his presence, we'd just look at each other, smile & nod, having a mutual understanding of how our friendship (totally hetero) is reflected in the song - "nothing to explain, it's a part of us, to be found within a song."

    Point being, this song could apply to relationships that are non-gender specific and platonic in nature.

    sentimentalsteveon July 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI agree with lerxstqk's opinion but the song was written by Geddy Lee
    RLRay19on February 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI agree with lerxstgk's take on the song, but the chorus always seemed like an untraditional love song, something like "We don't need fancy metaphors to say that we love each other."
    Skeith2005on May 20, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI feel that that this song is about Geddy and Alex, their friendship as well as their professional relationship. In that perspective the lyrics expains themselves relatively easily but here are two examples.

    "Who's come to slay the dragon,
    Come to watch him fall?
    Making arrows out of pointed words,
    Giant killers at the call? " - Rush recieved some pretty nasty critisism at the time.

    "What happened to our innocence,
    Did it go out of style?" - The new wave scene gained alot of popularity at the time and maybe Rush felt their style is getting a little "old".
    haroldbarrelon November 06, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI think this is Neil's opinion that traditional love songs are dangerous - they fill peoples' minds with all these images of happy life and it's not always like that. "Nothing to explain, it's a part of us to be found within a song" seems to be all it takes!
    lerxstgkon November 19, 2004   Link
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    My OpinionI think this is one of their best songs lyrically (after 2112 of course...).
    rushpwnsxon November 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentNeil didn't write this song. Geddy did!

    Anyway, it's a great song off of a really solid album...one of my favorites!
    mbdunsonon April 04, 2014   Link
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    General CommentIt's the type of song that will mean something different to all of us, but it is so beautiful. This and Entre Nous are the real high points of Permanent Waves.
    LesterBallardon July 30, 2014   Link
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    General CommentI always believe this and Entre Nous are like a point and counterpart..... Entre Nous strikes me as being a sort of "let's embrace our differences and find common ground" whereas Different Strings seems more along the lines of "let's agree to disagree and not argue"... one example of a Rush trick that I always liked, which was that they didn't necessarily write albums that were overtly conceptual, but yet seems to have some kind of common theme or link between them, especially lyrically.
    mrose77on October 04, 2017   Link

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