Energy is contagious
Enthusiasm spreads
Tides respond to lunar gravitation
Everything turns in synchronous relation

Laughter is infectious
Excitement goes to my head
Winds are stirred by planets in rotation
Sparks ignite and spread new information

Respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate

Sun dogs fire on the horizon
Meteor rain stars across the night
This moment may be brief
But it can be so bright

Hope is epidemic
Optimism spreads
Bitterness breeds irritation
Ignorance breeds imitation

Sun dogs fire on the horizon
Meteor rain stars across the night
This moment may be brief
But it can be so bright

Reflected in another source of light
When the moment dies
The spark still flies
Reflected in another pair of eyes

Dreams are sometimes catching
Desire goes to my head
Love responds to your invitation
Love responds to imagination

Respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate

that's nice

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    General CommentA weather phenomenon known as Sun Dogs happens on the horizion usually in Canada. This song is written about the experience of Neil Peart in a boat on his lake in Quebec with his daughter one night watching this phenomenon through her eyes. His daughter Selena passed away 6 short years later.
    myfaveheadacheon May 01, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI absolutely love this song, then again I love every song I have ever heard from Rush and I have heard a lot. The song is very moving. Even if it was about Neil and his daughter I think this song can affect anyone in a different way. To me the song means that there is a reaction to every action. That society, people, and the world in general can affect the way you feel. I love the theme of this song, its awesome.
    steel07on October 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentWhat an underrated Rush song. This song gives you many feelings. Especially if you are watching the Northern Lights, or any other phenomenon. I simply love it!
    Test4Echoon November 08, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWonderful lyrics, quite moving when you think about it. Quite an agressive sound, even for Presto. The restraint of the chorus is nicely offset by the heavy, rythmic pulse of the verses.
    Razormasticatoron July 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSimple the best mix of music, science and feelings....
    Eduardo76on September 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love the sound of every song on this album! This is by far one of my favorite albums, (as far as RUSH is concerned, second only to 2112). The imagery and emotion in all of Presto's songs just astounds me. Underrated song? More like an underrated album.
    Rush4Peaceon July 30, 2013   Link

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