this is for the ladies

my name is lex luger, suckin on a booger
wanna pull a vote? let's go smoke some dope
i got some french fries, stickin in my eyes
i'm fucking a dog, i'm eating a frog
man, let's go play a game of pog
swimmin in my pool, heavy p is no fool
bustin lots of rhymes, committin' lots of crimes
my name is not chris, but i do drink piss
look at my belly, it's full of jelly
digging a bum, it's getting pretty smelly
riding with my friends, bring my depends
i can't even rap when i'm taking a crap
my name is urkel, i run in a circle
pass me that dart, hold up that's a fart

i'm goin for a run, i'm suckin on a bun
28 64 321
i'm sour like a lime, 8 times 20 dime
i just found out it's time to eat some grime
i don't think it's fair that tourrette's makes you swear
when i'm touching things up in my underwear
a circle's not a square, and a dog is not a bear
but a clown can be found when you go to a fair
i can take a crap, because i've got the clap
i hope you like my spittin', i hope you like my rap
bitches with flabs got a bunch of crabs
so i grab a slab of linty mcnab
i've got the scrill, one hundred dollar bill
cuz i can get my fill from a dead granny's will

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