Can you tell me how to get, how to get to sentsamea street?how to get to sentsamea street? how to get to sentsamea street?

hello. kermit the frog here and welcome to sentsamea street. i´d like to tell you what today´s letter is, but i am really fucked up. hee. hey big bird! do you know what today´s letter is?

sure kermit! today´s letter is... joint.

er. big bird, joint is not a letter, it is a word!

sorry kids! today´s letter is 3!

hm. big bird, ah, 3 is a number (chuckles)

exactly! the number 3! which is how many joints i´ve smoked today...
kermit, are you with me?

hm. god i´m stoned.

me too!


(elmo in the background) guys! guys! show go on! come on!

yep. thank you, elmo. um. how bout we say our ABC´s big bird?


a, b, c, d, e, f, r, g, q, k, c, r, s, t, f, d...

i forgot what we were doing, kremit!

did you just call me kremit?

yes i did!

hm. kremit the frog here (laughter)
ok, ok. that´s all the time we have for today. good-bye kids! today´s show was brought to you by the, ah, letter, um.

bong! (chuckles)

and, and the number...

god, you´re messed up! hahahaha

fuck you! the number fuck you. (laughter)
bye bye!

bye bye kids!

can you tell me how to get, how to get to sentsamea street?

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