Turn are one of the greatest most innovative bands on the planet today. Being Irish, it makes me proud to say these guys are the best Irish band ever, U2...being good is not as good as being great!
Turn, have the most awesome stage presence I have ever seen, and I have yet to see the boys at a huge venue, I can only imagine, but they command the audience from the get-go, and from start(Never Needed You - woo woo) to the end, god, even thinking about their performances makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.
You can be sure to find it all with the lads, very smart, well thought out, meaningful lyrics, that just seem(to me anyway) to make more sense each time I hear them, and somehow, and somehow I find lyrics that really reflect what Im goingthrough at any given moment.
I feel I cant pay homage enough to these guys, they are amazing, and continue to blow me away.
Their latest offering is "Another Year Over / Summer Song" double AA side, and personally I find it is somewhat of a slight departure from earlier material, but still has a distinct Turn feel and sound from it, and what more, it "rocks like a dirty bastard".
My favourite turn song is....are you crazy, all of them!
Oh, and if you get to see them live, they put in loads of extras - one time at band camp... Ollie's guitar goes on teh fritz so, Gav and Iano just start to jam, and Ollie is banging away at the guitar then the amp...next thing its a very rhythmic drum and bass version of "weezer - hashpipe" and while trying to fix his equipment, Ollie is lazily singing the song with a plectrum in the corner of his mouth(how does he do that and sound so awesome), just a nice little story!
Ive never heard a band sound so close to their recordings as these guys do live.
Peace, and we love you guys.

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