"Amsterdam" as written by Guy Rupert Berryman, Jonathan Mark Buckland, William Champion and Christopher Anthony John Martin....
Come on, oh my star is fading
And I swerve out of control
If I, if I'd only waited
I'd not be stuck here in this hole

Come here, oh my star is fading
And I swerve out of control
And I swear I waited and waited
I've got to get out of this hole

But time is on your side
It's on your side now
Not pushing you down and all around
It's no cause for concern

Come on, oh my star is fading
And I see no chance of release
And I know I'm dead on the surface
But I am screaming underneath

And time is on your side
Is on your side, It's on your side now
Not pushing you down, and all around
No it's no cause for concern

Stuck on the end of this ball and chain
And I'm on my way back down again
Stood on a bridge, tied to the noose
Sick to the stomach
You can say what you mean
But it won't change a thing
I'm sick of the secrets
Stood on the edge, tied to the noose

You came along and you cut me loose
You came along and you cut me loose
You came along and you cut me loose

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"Amsterdam" as written by Guy Rupert Berryman Christopher Anthony John Martin

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  • +9
    General Commentdefinitely one of the best coldplay songs to date... i think this song is about someone who is at the end of their rope, so to speak. the verses are just showing how little hope this person has, and in the final verse, there is even some reference to suicide. however, what i think is the best part about this song is that after all that dark hopelessness, the very last lines refer to this person being saved by either a friend, a love, or even God. it's a great song to listen to when you're down, because even when you're standing 'on the edge, tied to the noose' there is always someone who will come along and 'cut you loose'... coldplay rules!
    devosizeon August 14, 2002   Link
  • +7
    General CommentIm not really sure about this song being about love; I feel like the person in this song feels like they've lost their way. They made a decison way too quickly and found themselves stuck in this rut not understand what they need to do. And when he says "my star is fading" I feel like they mean their will to live is diminshing and the purpose they set out with is not longer enough to keep them stable. I feel that the song is following a person from their breaking point all the way down to their demise, until finally some significant factor brings them back to reality and gives them a new meaning..

    Just my opinion; I think Coldplay is brilliant.
    BiancaJaggeron June 13, 2009   Link
  • +6
    General CommentI can't listen to this song in public where there's other people around-I cry every time I hear it. I think everyone can relate to this song in one way or another at a certain point in your life. Where you've been waiting so long, and you're just so exhausted, you just want it all to be over. But thankfully, someone's there to rescue you.

    gorgeous song
    benjamingibbardisababypumpkinon March 23, 2009   Link
  • +5
    General CommentRolled up into a ball on my bed, barely functional thinking...and listening to this song...
    It reminds me of my divorce. My now ex-husband decided unilaterally to end our marriage and was gone, like magic. "You can say what you mean but it won't change a thing" ...I wrote him for closure and he did not respond to me. I was left with my entire world crumbled and he was gone, like a ghost, like all of those years never happened. His not answering me made me feel even more like it was all a dream, like I hallucinated us together, that it wasn't real. Awful feeling. This song... is exactly how I feel.
    Cofresion May 08, 2011   Link
  • +5
    General CommentTo me this song is about depression and regret. He says he should have waited, but not what he should have waited for. Obviously it could be any number of things. Personally, I was in a situation where I tried to force a relationship and I ended up in a hole because of it. I was very depressed and it felt like time was indeed pushing me around because I needed to wait and I didn't know how to. My own inability to control my desire to be with this girl was more or less what led to me losing her, and I lost my head over it. If you've ever been depressed, you'd identify with the following line:
    "And I know I'm dead on the surface
    But I am screaming underneath"

    It's so unbelievably true for me, at least. I don't show my troubles or make them obvious, and no one knew what I was going through. On the inside I was so miserable, and I hated myself. I'm not in any way suicidal, but on a figurative level I can understand the part about being on the edge tied to the noose. Unfortunately for me, she left me hanging and I had to learn to cut myself down. But that's how life goes. It's still a beautiful song. You never think that you'd swerve out of control over someone like that, but then you do and it's like you really do need someone to cut you down. It took a long time for me to realize that I was the one who put myself in that position and that only I could get myself out. If only I'd waited
    maill112on November 28, 2012   Link
  • +4
    My InterpretationThis song has been my anthem for over a year now. I stumbled across it while searching for some new music to listen to on my Coldplay Pandora station the summer of 2012 while I was deep in a seemingly unending depression. At first I didn't pay attention to the lyrics, I was just addicted to the eerie, beautifully sad sound of the song. It wasn't until about January of this year that I really heard the song's message.
    Personally, I interpret this to be a song about a state of true devastation over the past, wasted time perhaps, that one brings upon themself, and becoming trapped in this state of excruciating melancholy that seems to suffocatingly wrap them up in a way that makes it feel as though there is no getting out, with literally no control over the pain and suffering one feels.
    Then it delivers the truth that time heals all wounds. (Time is on your side...) Even the most numbing, self destructive depression will pass with time and faith. I feel that the line "It's no cause for concern" is like a contradiction to everything that had been said thus far in the song; it basically means don't worry about me, I'm fine, it's nothing--a total lie.
    Then the song goes on to say that it feels as though there is just no chance of release from this suffering, it is so strong. That they may look okay on the outside, but underneath the mask, they are falling apart completely. (I know I'm dead on the surface, but I am screaming underneath.)

    The last portion of the song is what really tugs at my heart:
    I'm stuck on the end of this ball and chain, and I'm on my way back down again
    Stood on a bridge, tied to a noose, sick to the stomach
    Say what you mean, but it won't change a sin, I'm sick of the secrets
    Stood on the edge, tied to a noose,
    You came along and you cut me loose.

    This, to me, means that they are stuck in this terrible, consuming depression and no matter how many times they think they are healed, it just keeps pulling them back down. Then it mentions the noose, meaning they were so sick of it they felt suicidal. They were sick of people hurting them and keeping things away from them and no matter what anyone else said, it wouldn't change the past, which caused all the pain in the first place.
    And then it just straight up hits me in the face with this perfect line: You came along and you cut me loose. The entire song portrays absolute devastation and a heart wrenching pain that just will not go away, and how it feels as though they are all alone and it will never be healed. But then this last line of the song acts as a game changer, a beacon of hope. It seemed as though this pain was so deep that it would never ever leave, and they were prepared to put an end to it once and for all by ending their own life, but then this person came and rescued them. The outro of the song where this line is repeated feels like the aftermath, just being told that you're safe now.
    I can also feel a lot of religious meaning in this song, personally. The person is caught up in the depth and rut of their sins, and they feel as though they can't be forgiven for them, so they want to just end their life, but God's light rescues them from it.
    This song makes me think of how I was when I was suicidal and self harming. It makes me picture someone writing out a note describing all of their heartache and pain that is eating them alive, and then just as they are about to end their life, their own personal hero comes in and cuts them loose, and holds them close telling them they are safe now and it was going to be okay, and the person finally escaping the chains of their depression.
    I feel that my personal hero that cut me loose is God, and the person God put in my life to pull me out of it. This song is so deep and meaningful to me, it represents me. I feel like it's just MY song, like no one else can have it. Not many people I know have heard of it and I don't share it with many people because I feel like you just shouldn't even hear it if you don't give it your full attention to really hear what it says. This song wasn't meant to just be a nice tune on your playlist. It's beyond that. It is definitely my favorite song of all time.
    maddisullivanon November 16, 2013   Link
  • +3
    General CommentThis song, to me, is about a guy who is waiting for this girl who is not ready for a relationship. And he's waiting and waiting for her to make a decision, and the wait is tearing him apart. And I think he saying that if she keeps him waiting any longer he's going to explode. And maybe in the end she finally decides to be with him. And saves him before he self destructs.
    Shanemarvin1990on March 05, 2003   Link
  • +2
    General CommentIt's about addiction, plain and simple.
    deafmuteon April 16, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General CommentColdplay is the best band of our days damn it!!!
    las mamacitason March 28, 2003   Link
  • +1
    General Commentiiiiiiiiiiii looooovvveeeeee thiiiissssssss sooooonnggggggggg. it makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. i love when his voice gets high, sooo amazing.
    kgimbroneon April 02, 2003   Link

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