Kneeling low on my pillow, God, kneeling low on my pillow..
I will see there.. I will be there..
You and me.. we die.
I will fracture.
I will capture.
You and me.. we die.

Look at pink roses full of black kind hearts.
It can't compare to your beauty as you're lying through your fucking teeth.

Why can't I glow?

Why dont you look at the roses, girl, from a black wedding bouquet?
Can't compare to you, you're fucking beauty.
'Til you look to sway.

Why can't I glow? I'll die..

I will be dead. I will see the dead. You and me... we die.

Summer's trudging closer, and a flurry of white as well. It's the heart of nuclear winter and you can bet I'm scared as hell
But I don't blame you.
I don't blame you.

My God, am I the wrong one?
She's a monster of mankind.

I, I see the fucking manger.
On her flesh she left a warning.
And I said, "will I ever see all that's coming through for me?"
And will I ever breathe?
We die.

I wasn't a star lost.
My fine point has been turned into the warmth.
How to say this and why?
Look into my eyes and shut the fuck up.

Why can't I glow?

Oh God.. and it came towards the sin.
And it accentuates the shit my fucking way.

Shut the fuck up..
You can see it in my eyes.
Why can't I glow?
Shut up.

I will see there. I will be there.
Where you and me.. we.. die.


Leave and take my memories of her with you.
Pack your shit and leave and take my memories of her with you.
(I don't need to know)
..And take her fucking with you.

Lyrics submitted by Glassjaw25

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    General Commentdaryl you rool.
    amillionmilesforyouon August 17, 2002   Link
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    General CommentGLASSJAW ROCKS!!omg they are soo good, i cant stop listenin to them, they are all i listen to now!
    Never heard of iton July 03, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song is hands-down fuckin hardcore.......god, Daryl is a fuckin genius i say!!!!! GENIUS!!!!! Great lyrics....especially the "Look into my eyes and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" "and the "WHY CANT I GLOW!?!"
    very good stuff indeed....
    NaturalBornFarmeron April 30, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"It's the heart of nuclear winter and you can bet I'm scared as hell."

    This line is used in stars above my bed and radio cambodia and i am wondering why it is in more than one song?
    WouldItBeYouon June 06, 2004   Link
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    General Commentactually, that whole line:
    "Summer's trudging closer, and a flurry of white as well. It's the heart of nuclear winter and you can bet I'm scared as hell."
    is used in both songs. curious connection, ey?
    darkLIGHT313on June 11, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think people should stop saying "omg this song rocks!!!!!" unless they actually have something to say. Pricks.
    I dont know about this song though, possibly cheating?
    HoldYourColouron October 03, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song somehow relates to his feelings about Katie Tiger, the inspiration for a majority of Daryl's songs. The Star symbol shows up in other songs like at the end of "Vermont Connection" the poem he recites: "Wish that one day we can shrink stars and I can keep one in my bedroom", also the ending of Star Above My Bed ends with the lines "Pack your shit and take my memories of you with her" which is how Motel of the White Locust ends, and that song is definitely about Tiger.

    Also i think one of the stanza's may be wrong I think it should be "It wasn't a star at all, it was the low flying point.."
    FChapelon August 17, 2011   Link

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