Your words don't mean,they don't mean anything
So shut your mouth and leave me all alone
The way you are is not the way I am
I hate you,welcome to reality

If you think you are pure because you've got
Great shoes and a skate shop on your street
Being punkers mean more than wearing a
Dead Kennedys's T-shirt or having dreds on your head

Punk it's more than physical
Punk it's not a ritual
Punk is not here to be superficial
Punk is everything you say
Punk it's not a holiday
Punk is here everyday
Punk is not a game over

I'm poor,you're wise but I write(my songs)by myself
I don't look good and I'm not popular
I'm outdated but I don't give a shit
I want to live this life with my real convictions

Short,sweet and conventional
Fast,easy but forgot by all
Warm up the old recipeand sell it out
Fifteen minutes of glory
Based-on-greed philosophy
Overloaded melodies
Punk is not a game over

Game over,punk is not a game over
Game over,punk is not a game over

Fake,plastic and pumped-up breast
One-line barbies,I'm the best
Show me the money and I'll show you my body
I'm stupid but beautiful
I'm proud to be artificial
I'm a machine in a mould
Punk is not a game over

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