I want to let you know I really do care, but instead I go on ignoring you, hoping that some miracle will happen...
I know that it wont.
It rests upon me and it's pushing me down.
The time is growing short and I need to act but I hold myself back due to some stupid fear I have and can't explain.
I feel joy when I see you face but I have to turn away cause you may notice me looking at you.
I want to say something and hear your voice, but I don't want to make you mad or have you hate me....
Do you?
Sometimes I feel like I have the courage, but then I lose it when I see you.
It hurts sometimes.
It hurts to see you unhappy because I can't help but think that I could make you better.
So as long as I sit and wait for that miracle to happen, the worse it will get and soon we will be nothing but bitter memories hidden in the back of our minds that never what we really were.
We will move on, appear happy, but at some instant this memory will resurface in our minds and flood back all the feelings of pain and anger that have been kept away from anyone and everything.
If this was meant to become something and we looked past the opportunity, we may never be truley and completely happy ever again, always asking ourselves that one question that cannot be answered by any man or woman alive...
What if?
Now as I sit here and write these words I never said, fear becomes a reality to me.
As I put down my fears and confessions, the sad and deafeating irony of it all is that if we were face to face right now...
I would have nothing to say.

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The True Confessions Of A Stupid Teenager song meanings
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    these are amazing lyrics...or is this a poem? either way the words are very emotional and i can specifically relate to may of the lines. so socofan is this a band, or is this your personal poem?

    konstantine182on September 26, 2002   Link

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