Written by Cow Erotica

-Verse Set 1
Our killer bass takes us far
The color of our shirts of course is noir
Our music is the king of you ameteurs

-Chorus 1: WE ARE GUAR

Our music like a fight at your local bar
Our favorite kinda bomb is under your car
Our dog will kill you as it goes roa-r

-Chorus 1

Blood will spurt from my guitar
Our favorite brood is appropriatly named Garm
Our music to human ears causes much harm

-Chorus 1

Our music started at the farm
Our music torn shall leavest thou tarned
We are unholy with Wica we charm

-Chorus 1

Lodoss War had a guy named Parn
I was born in a stable and a barn
With Satan's help you are darned

-Chorus 1

Our Brood exists under lord Guarm
Our sons of Satan exist as a swarm
Emporess Queen Dominatrix Marm rules my life with foursome charm

-Chorus 1

We started listening to Pantera, Slayer, Sabbath and Korn
Nothing compares to solo Osbourne
In Spawning grounds of hell were reborn
(wanking a lot to your favorite porn?)

-Chorus 1

My ancient broadsword and razor polearm
Shall bring death to ye and much harm
Guar ownz joo to enslace your poor farm

-Verse Set 2

Guar has become the Satanic kings of death while our veins fill with bile as we sacrifice a child as your blood boils my ventricles raise my level of destruction to unbound levels of extreme carnage Where the grim Reaper teaches the youths of the death army has grown to great extents from the late to the great in unspoken manners n the past ten years under our overmind Crown'ed king Lucifer the conversion of the youth to the broodlings of the properly titled "The Children of the Lesser Brood." will be ready to enslave the warm blooded in order for apocolyptic annihalation and genocide to the lessers, this misson sent by the deity Gendei acht Von Muncheyse Lao Lahden, Hucen, must be completed in the eternal liverance so crown'ed king lucifer may enter through the eternis gap from the netherworld across thebarge of hate over the river styx created by the manifestations of theancient high elders unspoken ofs... When crown'ed king lucifer returns to his rightful thrown of the once known Urth will once again spew the essence of death into the atmosphere unknown to the lessers the deathosphere will arise and swams of destruction will pollute the lessers where unto only the worthy shall be spared Let it beknownst when the deity and Lord come and the era EC is born, in the year 6 on the 6th day of the 6th month chaos will be manifested into thou.

-Verse 2

Breathing amongst you the flame will engulf you
Go about your everyday life
go do what'cha do
In the fray from hehind you hear boo
Welcome to the orld anew
The Demons ran and the Banshees flew
But all along inside it grew
Your pretty lips have now turned blue
All along whilst i sung this song
You were pregnant with my son
The devil icarnate wont wait long his first meal
a sacrificed fawn
oh oh honey dont worry about the lawn
hells creep finds it suiting it finds nothing wrong
The maggots soon will naw
gaping open the razor maw
Hell is here oh hell
Hell is here
(Demonic noises)

-Verse 3

I your son am the crowned king lucifer
and, I will poison allyour aquafir
forget about frankencense gld and mir
keep your charities
and give me birth
my bodys wide and shall grant you girth
I givesth the monsters of the underworld
the milk i drink has been curdled
let my death unfurrow

-Verse 4

A new day is tomorrow its only a day away until you enter th efray
try and keep at bay just stay away apocolypse today
haha yur hair is grat your age is older as it increases
life cuts short when your life decreases
Beseeches Beseeches Beseeches!
oh god no not the leeches
death has reached us
death has reached us
death has reached us
(Chaotic Screams)
Esaelp tnod raef us
Please dont fear us

-Verse 5

Have a beer
death is here
end is near
filled with cheer? wipe tha tear
we musnt show pain

lie in the rain it wont refrain
no never again
tomorrow ill feel deaths chains the death's bane
will never cease to amaze you

inside it grew
inside it grew
inside it grew
inside it grew
inside it grew

-LAST Verse
The longest song not meant for your bong
none has gone wrong
(dont wear your panties or thongs?)
Imagine a creature so ugly
your butt dies looking at it
imagine so much death
whispers of demons underneath your breath
lurkers underneath
nipping at your bud
cant bear the heat i can no longer be neat
no talents

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