It is time to reflect upon your "ego-self". Nowhere to hide when the walls echo the you that we
all see. Ah, the smiles dissolve! The pulse begins to race; the face a flush of fear so plainly
painted. The Mirror World - the Mirror Maze: Confrontation...


mirror mirror I can see a lonely child, he kinda looks like me
staring out into infinity
his father lies, his mother cries, his spirit flies up in the skies
wandering off to another galaxy

secret fears we all try to hide
lie dormant deep inside us
defy the ghosts of long forgotten days
here inside the mirror maze

mirror mirror I can see an angry boy, oh well I guess he's me
rising up to the society
he's aware that no one cares and life's unfair so he growa his hair
and takes a trip into eternity

secret fears we all try to hide
lie dormant deep inside us
defy the ghosts of long forgotten days
here inside the mirror maze


[roman] I see a man, who's unable to withstand his fears inside
[knight] inside we're all but frightened men
but we have to fight until the end is here
[roman] hear what I say: I am doomed,
I have to pay, I can't go on
[knight] go on and persevere
for we have to make it out of here alive
[roman] a life is but a dream,
for in the mirror I have seen what lies within
[knight] within this armour cold and bright
lies a noble heart with the will to fight the pain
[roman] the pain cannot be healed,
I'm surrounded by this shield I cannot break
[knight] break through the mirror now
follow me, I will show you how

[roman] we've reached the other side,
I have overcome my pride and made it through
[knight] we threw aside our darkest fears
and stepped across these new frontiers of time
[roman] time can only tell what awaits us in this hell full of deceit
[knight] deceit, guile and treachery
will they ever set us free again?

[roman] riding on the wings of time

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    General Comment

    The Hippie and Futureman find themselves broken by the Mirror Maze, because they can't face up to what their lives really mean, what caused them to become as they are. Meanwhile, the Knight and Roman come together to confront their fears and pains in the Mirror Maze and manage to overcome them, becoming more whole from the experience.

    Personally, I kind of suspect the Knight is meant to be Lancelot, as the whole of this album is a Chapel Perilous experience, something Lancelot went through, and the Knight clearly evokes "The Final Experiment" album, which takes place largely in Camelot.

    mnerosavon January 17, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    lol, the end of this song sounds like a bong hit, haha. anyways, man is this song ever freakin tripped out or what? freakin great music!!! i do believe the knight and the roman are confronting what they are in side the maze are facing it. the futureman and the hippie on the otherhand, are having problems facing the maze... that's what i'm getting from this song.

    S3B8Eon February 09, 2008   Link

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