In the year 793 the vikings raided Lindisfarne (English Holy island) which is often taken as the beginning of the Viking Age....
Åretak hørtes, vakre langskip fosset frem
Som en vind fra nord, kom våre fedre i land
Horder, Ryger og Egder, samlet til felles strid
Staute menn uten frykt
Sverdslag knuste kristmanns skalle

Lenge herkset vi, Nordens konger
Mange slag vi vant ved Midgards strender
Men, sveket av våre enge, ble vi tvunget ned i kne
Når vinden nå igjen jager, vender tankene omsider hjem
Vi skal reise oss i vår prakt
Sannelig skal kvitehorden skjelve

"Vi falt som menn
Derfor døde vi ei hen
Veik er den som fiender elsker
Svik ei ditt opphav"

English translation: 793 (The Battle of Lindisfarne)

Strokes from oars could be heard,
beautiful ships gushed through the sea
Like a wind from the north,
our ancestors reached the shore
Men from Hordaland, Rogaland and Adger
gathered for battle in common
Proud men with no fear
Strokes from the sword crushed the skull of the christian

A long time we ruled, kings of the north
Many battles we won, at the shores of Midgard
But, betrayed by our own brothers
we were forced down on our knees
Now when the wind once again is howling
the thoughts finally goes towards home
We shall rise in our glory
The white horde will for sure shiver

"We died like men
Therefore we never vanished
Weak is the one the enemy loves
Never betray your origin"

Lyrics submitted by Maggot, edited by sokorny

793 (Slaget om Lindisfarne) song meanings
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    General CommentIt has to do with the Christian "conversion" of the Norse.
    "But we betrayed by our own brothers
    We were forced down to our knees."
    They and all that they believed in were betrayed when the people submitted to the mental enslavement of the unholy Roman church.
    Also that last bit about "Never betray your origin". Is pretty unmistakeable.
    LordLycanon January 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOh god, I just really dont understand why people submit these translated lyrics. That is not "lyrics", that is a "translation".

    Anyway, this song portrays a beautiful journey. I especially like the part where he sings:
    "Sverdslag knuste kristmanns skalle
    Lenge hersket vi, Nordens konger"
    That really illustrates how I feel about life in general. It's really deep.
    aliveon March 01, 2006   Link

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