Touch, lying on the floor
Wishing this could last
But knowing that it can’t
And soon you will leave
And I will be on the floor
Watching the TV, trying hard to find a reason to move
I’m frozen in one place, staring at the screen
Listening to the rain falling on the street
Some days go on too long
And no one can hang out tonight
Here, where the carpet is cool and soft
Underneath the clock I feel my weary heart is put to rest
You gather around your friends
The connection that you feel when the night has not yet died
You are new with a promise of a love
You will probably never find
And touch that you can really feel
The brokenness inside as hope and less collide
Now nothing is real
(You are new and near now
To someone you used to love when you were young
When all was gold and you two touched
And felt the flutter underneath your skin
You stood in glowing rooms
The light dripping from both of you
And nothing since has felt as radiant or real)
And there is nothing more I want than just one night
That’s free of doubt and sadness
One night that I can really feel

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    "the brokenness inside as hope and less collide" to explain hopelessness, this is the best line.

    prettybabyon November 22, 2004   Link
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    love sucks man :-\ ....

    ChEErUpEm0KiDon June 20, 2003   Link
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    true love, or perhaps first love.

    damn it.

    moremodestmouseon July 01, 2002   Link
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    Beautiful song. It's about love (I like to think first love) gone wrong... There were sparks, lots of sparks, but it ended horribly wrong.

    "And there is nothing more I want than just one night that’s free of doubt and sadness, one night that I can really feel."

    In other words, whenever something happens that's supposed to bring them closer together (whether it's emotional or physical), something happens later on to make it unpleasant, and all that he wants is just one night free of doubts and worries and burdens so he can fully enjoy his "love".

    Beautiful, and very relatable.

    Lisa18on July 07, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    first loves

    starry_eyedon July 19, 2002   Link
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    words can't even describe how great this song is. only conor oberst would be able to put words to it. an incredible poet.

    emogreenon August 19, 2002   Link
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    this song makes me think about my girlfriend. she is the first girl i every really loved and right now im scared it might end up tradgic .

    Xbright_eyesXon August 25, 2002   Link
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    A friend once quoted Benjamine Disrele, who said that "the magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end". After that, it's one failed attempt after another to open up and trust without fearing the fall which I, at least, have not ever achieved, and which I feel the person in "Touch" can't seem to achieve either. Perhaps why he has the image of him and his first love glowing, dripping light, and why he feels unable to break away from doubt and sadness. I love the way that first and last words of the muttered part of the song coincide with the part that's sung.

    Lunetiaon September 05, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    too familiar.

    FAVORITE PART: "you are new and near now to someone you used to love when you were young; when all was gold and you two touched and felt the flutter underneath your skin. you stood in glowing rooms, the light dripping from both of you. and nothing since has felt as radiant or real" AND "and there is nothing more i want than just one night that's free of doubt and sadness"

    starlightfadingon September 28, 2002   Link
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    fuckin HOT

    emotion_is_deadon March 06, 2003   Link

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