Red wine and sleeping pills
Help me get back to your arms
Cheap sex and sad films
Help me get where I belong

I think you're crazy, maybe
I think you're crazy, maybe

Stop sending letters
Letters always get burned
It's not like the movies
They fed us on little white lies

I think you're crazy, maybe
I think you're crazy, maybe

I will see you in the next life

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Motion Picture Soundtrack Lyrics as written by Colin Charles Greenwood Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood

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    My InterpretationPeople keep saying it's about relationships, or love, and so on... but I really don't think so. The beauty of Radiohead is that Thom doesn't write about girls or love, he writes about life, and this song is the quintessential example of that, to me.

    To me, this song is about realizing that all the things you were taught about life as a child, everything you learned from Disney and TV and movies, was a lie ("it's not like the movies/they fed us on little white lies"). It's about realizing that life is a difficult, sometimes terrible, always complex experience, not the simple, happy fantasy world you were taught. It's about trying to escape from that harsh reality, through alcohol (red wine), (cheap) sex, and (sad) films, but failing, and ultimately deciding you're crazy for trying and giving up (I will see you in the next life...).

    That's what this song is about to me. Trying to come to terms with reality, and failing.
    caramelpoliceon March 28, 2010   Link
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    General Comment"((I've passionately loved Radiohead since I was six, so I feel like I might understand him [Thom Yorke] a bit more than most fans because his music has engraved itself into and shaped my heart.))"

    Wow, that's some of the most pretentious garbage i've ever seen...
    Penguincubuson October 07, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me, this song sounds like somebody lamenting the loss of a lover. The lover hasn't died, as implied ("Beautiful angel, I will see you in the next life"). However, the nature of some breakups are like death in a way because the once-healthy relationship has dissolved completely.

    The narrator seeks escapism through red wine, cheap sex and sad films. Love isn't easy like "in the movies," where they feed you "little white lies."

    A beautiful song. Even the form reflects the themes of the song with its elaborate orchestration reminiscent of something from, as the title suggests, a motion picture soundtrack - where life is lush, perfect, happy.
    takediswaltzon January 04, 2015   Link
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    General CommentSome think Kid A is the story of a person's life and Motion Picture Soundtrack is about death. If so, it's a very interesting look at it. What Thom is saying is that in the end it's not all beautiful like everyone says, and death is not wonderful ('It's not like the movies, they fed us on little white lies'). This song seems more of a cold acceptance, that the world is an ugly place, but at the same time there is a touch of optimism at the fact that there is something after life, after the ugliness. That could be what the instrumental bit is at the end, the assumption into heaven. Of course, I'm not saying this is exactly what the song means, I'm just throwing it out there :D
    mongrelcaton December 28, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song is beautiful. I love the way that the Organ introduces this song.
    myfriendoakon June 22, 2004   Link
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    General Commenthere's my meaning of the song:

    it sounds like to me this person had lost a love either through them being dumped or the love one passing away. From the way the lyrics go, it has this feel like this person is drowning themselves in alcohol and drugs.

    They try to fill the void by sleeping with other people and watching films that reminded them of the kind of fairytale love they believed existed.

    Now I'm not sure if "I think you're crazy, maybe" is directed at themself or the other person. If it's at themself it could be because the other person is gone and they want to let go and can't. If it's directed at the person that's gone, then my guess is this person thinks the other is crazy for throwing away what they had.

    The next verse could be about this girl or guy not being able to stop themselves from trying to contact the person that's gone, knowing it won't help them they still can't help themselves from doing it. Then it deals with them feeling betrayed because they felt the person they were with was supposed to be their soul mate.

    and as for the original verse that wasn't included in the Kid A version... it might be like this:

    it could be about the dumper or lost one being so different or far gone from their memory.. that they can't even recognize who they once were.

    all in all it sounds to me like someone coping with the emotions and feelings someone would experience when they are now faced with living their life without the person they truly loved.
    Makcimon February 23, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt's all over. Perfection is finally found in death.
    whapcapnon April 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti think this song is about a breakdown one may experience after the end of a very deep relationship. the narrator expects everything to end all happily, she'll realize her mistake and it'll end like some meg ryan movie; they'll walk into the sunset and all that crap. he needs to be with her again even if it isn't real, even if it is only in his dreams. he also still believes that they were meant to be therefore they will have another shot at it in the next life. unfortunately, it seems she is not quite the little angel he thought she was and is perhaps not the perfect gal for him afterall--he is unwilling to fully realize this though.
    yeah but thats just my take...
    esmeon July 11, 2002   Link
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    General CommentNot only is this song unutterably breathtaking, but the music video for it is indescribably beautiful. If someone's never seen it, look for it on websites or download it with a file-sharing program. You will not be disappointed. It IS the visual existence of the feeling of which the song, itself, is the sonic manifestation.
    slaphappyon August 14, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI have this friend- she's going to die so young before she hits 18, I can feel it- too many drugs, too much depression, and this makes me think of her, because I know I'll just wake up one morning and she'll be gone and all I'll have is this song to remember her by. It made me sad she tried to die and all I could think was I would hear this song when I went to sleep, and I hope maybe she wasn't crazy, maybe.
    periwinklebydayon July 01, 2003   Link

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