I lost all my thoughts of angels in an aspirin billboard
Walking down 16th street, hit the cross street Catatonia
I wish I had the strength to do your drugs, it must take strength
This life inside is hard to bring outside
Now you turn and cross the corner
Cold sweat, think of what's for dinner
Think I should be thinking deeper, this is your excuse to go outside
I'm sick not hungry, sick of people starved for love
I keep creating errands to take to people to talk to me
But still nothing human, money changes hands is all
This world's a broken record skipping on the call with no response
This is what you've been working towards
This punishment is your reward
After all this time...think you'd learn
When you got your wish bridges were burned
What are you taking so hard and why?
And are you giving anything back?
Misgiving isn't just another form of giving, is it?
You made your life, now live in it
Learning how to live without her
The one who gave you thirty chances
All of which you promptly blew
If up to you, you'd die to not offend
To not offend.

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    General CommentOne of Jawbreaker's best songs, musically and lyrically. The lyrics are all first person, even though it seems to be in second person at times ("What are YOU taking so hard and why" etc.); this is because the guy is talking to himself and shows his anger at himself by referring to himself as "you" instead of "I". He's shut himself off from the rest of the world and is a pretty miserable guy, keeping to himself all the time. It is soon learned what his problem is by his expression of his tiredness of love. His failures at communication only make things worse, and he becomes more fed up with the world. But he reminds himself why things are the way they are: he did it to himself. He "burned his bridges" to the world intentionally, and he is getting exactly what he worked for. He starts to chastise himself for his misery and tells himself to suck it up. He's the one at fault, and he now has to live his new life. Finally it is learned why he is the way he is. It is over an ex-girlfriend of his (go Jawbreaker), someone that saw through his faults. She gave him many chances to make things work, but he did not try to save the relationship. Things fell apart, and he reacted by severing himself from her, and this grew to the rest of the outside world. He regrets his actions. He'd do anything to take back everything he did wrong.
    ssnf22on July 04, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIf I HAD to pick a favorite jawbreaker song, this might be it. I haven't heard a jawbreaker song I didn't like however.
    wicked123on December 09, 2007   Link

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