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My motivations unresolved
Things are just never what they seem
Apathy's currencies deceit
Pitch bending radiated dreams

The jackal's wishing well forgotten
Dark cloud sunrise
The view of someone somewhere else is
Burnt in my eyes

How long - dug up remains
How low - the rotting fame
How low - to see right through
How long - the hole I knew
How low - the clear eyed stain
How long - to set aflame
How low - to be set up
How long - and taken out

The anti-like karma from the crack in a hand
Full painting on a mural in a foreign landfill
Mind controlled by the pulley of the strings
So remote the view from the puppetry swingset

My reservations have evolved
Scenes once negated ushered in
Mercy killings one to one defend
Visionary criminals descend
On knees all burning

A term of useless lifeless thought
What a paid ride
Alchemic jail-cell vivisection
Test-subject day job

How long - to pacify
How low - you still deny
How low - from up above
How low - the tripping sound
How long - to kick back down
How long - the creeping crown
How low - the holy cheat
How long - the leap of faith

These revelations undermined
Controlled belief in leads mankind
Each penny sold and mesmerized
We're stoned
Two-fold reversal beckoning
The binding crayon words inverted
In Justice travestia

We worship acid moans and curbside-holidays
Recycle shit we throw away in glossy packaged craze
Maybe in a day or so I'll stumble on that grassy knoll
To set the record straight
Announcing to myself : wake-up

We kill everything that's not tied down
We euthanize but keep alive the lowest form of prison life
So useful and experimental
Treatment of the sick and dying
What about the torture?

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    General Commentthis song is kewl. ogre is god. he has such an awesome voice.
    sugarmagikon April 26, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI beleive this song has some connection with animal testing...thats just me but it is very cryptic.
    Dorian3345on July 04, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWhile it may not be the intended meaning, to me, this song sounds like an Anarchist anthem. The lyrics in the song seem to be as if it were the things going through an Anarchist's head, or the things he/she was thinking, as he/she was being tortured by the government or something, and then the person eventually dies from it.

    The last few lines seem to question the way society runs, like talking about that our society kills everything but leaves the low lives alive, experiments on animals in the cruelest ways to treat the sick and dying, but in the end it seems to question the morality of torture, and why it goes on.
    jaebberson August 15, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti_am_the_law , ogre circulated a bunch of bands throughout the 90s. mostly shit with martin atkins in it except KMFDM. Ogre is a fucking god, and i honestly like his stuff outside SP better, except human disease, that was the shit.
    slevletteon August 22, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThis song is really deep; deeper than I thought. Every time I listen to it, I learn something more about the song. I think now it could be about the current track of our society leading to nuclear war. This is possible because of the lyrics:

    "My motivations unresolved
    Things are just never what they seem
    Apathy's currencies deceit
    Pitch bending radiated dreams"

    If I'm not mistaken, the line "Apathy's currencies deceit" could refer to the materialism of our consumerist society leading us all into apathy, just as it does, and "things are just never what they seem," talking about the ignorance we live in.

    "Pitch bending radiated dreams" could speak of how close we are to nuclear war that some people are even dreaming about it; the pitch bending could refer to how a nuclear blast is silent, but distorts all other sound, and radiated dreams obviously referring to the radiation.

    Then it seems to continue this thought with:

    "The jackal's wishing well forgotten
    Dark cloud sunrise
    The view of someone somewhere else is
    Burnt in my eyes"

    "The Jackal's wishing well forgotten," would refer to the Jackals of our society; aka those that exploit others, such as corrupt politicians the deceive and steal for the sake of power and money. Their wishing well is the nation in which they rule, and if the nation is reduced to a nuclear wasteland, it would become forgotten.

    Whereas "dark cloud sunrise" would refer to the intense brightness of a nuclear blast; of course the nuclear explosion is a giant mushroom cloud, but even during the day, an explosion is so bright and close that it blocks out all other light; including the sun, making it look like a sunrise of dark clouds.

    The lines "The view of someone somewhere else is/Burnt in my eyes" emphasizes this point, as the radiation in all waveforms of a nuke is so powerful that during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts, actual shadows of people were permanently imprinted, or burned, into the ground. In this case, the figure of someone in the sight of the speaker would be burned into his eyes, although this would only last for less than one second because it is likely that at a distance close enough for such to happen, the speaker would be vaporized - literally.

    "How long - dug up remains"

    This might refer to asking how long before a future excavation in which the remains would be dug up finally underneath the fallout and erosion.

    The rest of the song continues to criticize the society that was destroyed.

    "We kill everything that's not tied down" This finally reemphasizes the fact that we simply kill everything.

    That's about as much as I can think of.
    jaebberson September 12, 2007   Link
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    General CommentYou can definitely hear how Ogre has influenced this song. Ogre is an amazing man, though personally, I thought he was almost too in character in "Repo! the Genetic Opera" for his ability to shine through the set limitations of the character.
    Demention13on February 16, 2009   Link

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