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Clara song meanings
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    General CommentI love this song. :P
    Jemzieon December 02, 2001   Link
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    General Commentits awsome
    punk_rawk_16on January 15, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis site is about "song meanings" is not bout if u like or not the song... let's talk about "song meanings"...

    this song sounds to me like a suicide song... clara is trying to kill herself and kris are trying to convince her to not... or do it fast if she's courageous
    disturbedchildon May 20, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think it is about a girl that hasn't gotten over something that has happend in the past and the guy see's her on the edge of a bridge and just tells her to jump because he doesn't care because he'd made similar mistakes and that it isn't a big deal adn that she is over reacting and he realyl doesn't care about her.
    Emericanskateron June 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI think its about Kris's Mom or mother-figure like person....he was writing it as he was looking back at their relationship together but slipping into the memories....if you've ever read Little Girl Fly Away by Gene Stone(?) you know what i'm talking about....but the person was taken out of his life and she's back now and she's worried that he might hate her because of the past but Kris is saying that he doesn't care about the past mistakes. The line about jumping could be like jumping into being his 'mother' again...he could also be reasurring her that she wasn't the only one who made mistakes and that other people are putting up a facade ('tried to make a piece of coal into a
    diamond') and hoping that it would become something real.
    TuercaTenshion July 22, 2002   Link
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    General CommentActually I think that this song is about a girl who fell in love with a guy, who thought he loved her back but doesnt. So they went out, and then broke up. And he is telling her how he feels. But she loves him so much that the breakup has driven her to suicide.

    The Breakup (where he says he doesnt lover her, and that he has made the same mistake of loving someone who doesnt love him):

    "I saw you cryin' as I turned away
    Did I see your face, like it wasn't there
    And I know I was wrong...
    yeah, I knew it all along
    But I didn't care about you
    Clara, where are you today?
    And did you make the same mistakes...
    that I made, a million times before I met
    you "

    About the relationship that they tried to make work:

    "Did you know you're not the only one...
    that tried to make a piece of coal into a
    diamond yeah!"

    Where she says shes ok with the breakup:

    "So everything's fine now, at least you say
    Maybe that's o.k. - But you know it's
    Was I right, did it last?
    Were you dwelling on the past???
    Or hanging on to a memory"

    where he tells her its over, and he doesnt care if she jumps or not, but if she does she will just be a bad memory like he is to her:

    "so you say your time will never come
    Maybe you should go ahead and jump...
    Then you'll become exactly what you are
    hanging onto
    Standing there on the bridge
    with your feet on the ledge
    maybe I might push you over the edge...
    and send you falling straight to the ground"
    Soundspoton August 16, 2002   Link
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    General CommentYeah.. I think you're all right. It was about a relationship, he didn't love her and she was really in love with him, and then then she may be contemplating suicide at the end... not sure. Great song though none the less.
    da77ynon September 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentPersonally, I think that kris has met one of those melodramatic "suicidal" ppl, who arent really suicidal, and he's saying that if she's (Clara's) gonna do it then she should just fucking do it, but if she's not then she should stop being a fuckwit. That's how I take it n e way.
    This song is very close to my heart coz my sister suffered from post traumatic stress and attempted suicide and then my best friend did the same think like a month later (both were attempts serious enough to hospitalise them), so yeah
    boptonon April 02, 2003   Link
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    General CommentThis song I feel is partially about suicide. The person is obviously depressed “I saw you crying.” The singer is talking about how he feels bad that he honestly doesn’t care that the moment.. “… as I turned away, Did I see your face, like it wasn't there And I know I was wrong...” The singer definitely seems to feel bad that he doesn’t have feelings for the depressed person.

    He seems to start to reminisce about how he felt before he met her, and how he remembers being depressed, hoping that she doesn’t make the same mistakes that he made in those situations.

    Then seeing if everything’s okay… “So everything's fine now, at least you say, Maybe that's o.k. - But you know it's wrong.” It seems as though she’s trying to convince him that she’s doing alright but he can see right through it, having been there himself.

    “Was I right, did it last? Were you dwelling on the past? Or hanging on to a memory?” It seems like the singer is trying to show this person that he was right. That depression doesn’t go away like sadness does. That it sticks with you and nothing can change that.

    “Maybe you should go ahead and jump... Then you'll become exactly what you are hanging onto.” It seems like he’s trying to show them that all they’re hanging onto is a life of suicide attempts. This line can have two meanings. Because a person who jumps either jumps out of fear (stating that the person in the song is hanging onto their fear) or jumps for the sake of doing something fun, or something thrilling (stating that they’re holding onto the good times.

    “Standing there on the bridge with your feet on the ledge maybe I might push you over the edge... and send you falling straight to the ground.” It seems like now he returns to how he felt at the beginning of the song. Not knowing whether to help the person out because they’re a human being who deserves to live, or not help them out because he doesn’t personally like them.

    diveinpuddles8on May 09, 2003   Link

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