We like the music, we like the disco sound...hey!
We like the music, we like the disco sound...hey!
We like the music, we like the disco sound...hey!
We like the music, we like the disco sound...hey!

We dig TV we dig remote control,
We dig the Furry Freak Brothers and the Twilight Zone,
We dig Marvel and D.C., we dig Run-DMC,
We dig Renegade Soundwave and AC/DC
(Can U dig it?)

Bruce Wayne auf weidersehn,
Dirty Harry, "Make my day,"
Terminator, hit the north,
Alan Moore knows the score,
Riffs? Yeah! Can U dig it?
Riffs? Yeah! Can U dig it?

We dig Optimus Prime and not Galvetron,
We dig "The Leader of the Pack" and the "Do-Run-Run",
Spinderella and Bruce Lee, "The Bad and the Ugly",
"V for Vendetta" and "Into the Groovy".
(Can U dig it?)


We like the music, we like the disco song...hey!
We like the music, we like the disco song...hey!

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"Can U Dig It?" as written by Clinton Darryl Mansell

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Can U Dig It? song meanings
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    General Commentas is obvious, this song is about things that PWEI dig. Here are some explanations of some of them:

    The Twilight Zone: cult classic science fiction TV show from the 60s. The famous theme to the Twilight Zone is sampled in "Def.Con.One".

    Marvel: comic book publisher

    D.C.: comic book publisher

    Run-DMC: one of the first rap groups to achieve mainstream popularity in the mid-80s.

    Renegade Soundwave: classic dub group

    AC/DC: rock band

    Bruce Wayne: the public identity of superhero Batman.

    Dirty Harry: famous character protrayed by Clint Eastwood.

    Terminator: the James Cameron movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Alan Moore: comic book writer. The PWEI song "Def.Con.One" is about his graphic novel "Watchmen."

    "Riffs? Yeah! Can U Dig It?": This line comes from the cult classic movie "The Warriors". The sample of a radio announcer saying "okay, let's get down to it boppers" at the beginning of the song is also from The Warriors. The Riffs are the biggest gang in NYC in the movie. This is the way they respond to their leader.

    Optimus Prime and Galvetron: two characters in the Transformers.

    "The Leader of the Pack": song from the 50s about a motorcycle hero who wins the heart of the girl singing the song and then bites it in an accident.

    "Do Run-Run": Beach Boys song.

    Spinderella: DJ for hip-hop girl group Salt N Pepa.

    Bruce Lee: legendary martial arts actor

    "The Bad and the Ugly": truncated from the full title "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", a movie starring the aforementioned Clint Eastwood.

    "V for Vendetta": a graphic novel by Alan Moore.

    "Into the Groovy": not sure what this one is; all I can think of is a song by Sonic Youth alter-egos Ciccone Youth.
    molofanon January 31, 2006   Link
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    General Commentone more thing I forgot to add.

    Furry Freak Brothers: western cartoon characters from Gilbert Shelton. First appeared in 1968.
    molofanon January 31, 2006   Link
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    General CommentHit the north is a possible reference to the song of that name by The Fall

    JeffKaos71on May 31, 2009   Link

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