"Eclipse" as written by and Waters....
All that you touch
And all that you see
All that you taste
All you feel
And all that you love
And all that you hate
All you distrust
All you save
And all that you give
And all that you deal
And all that you buy
Beg, borrow or steal
And all you create
And all you destroy
And all that you do
And all that you say
And all that you eat
And everyone you meet (everyone you meet)
And all that you slight
And everyone you fight
And all that is now
And all that is gone
And all that's to come
And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

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"Eclipse" as written by George Roger Waters

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Eclipse song meanings
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    General CommentTo understand Eclipse you must interprete the album: the album reflects life as it is.

    - Breathe: First your heartbeat begins/grows, you start to breathe and you are born. You get exposed external sounds and influences (like adult's voices saying things you cannot yet understand) but you get also exposed to your mother's cares and worries ('smiles you'll give, and tears you'll cry') and good advices ('balance on the biggest wave, you race towards an early grave').
    - Time: You grow up and enter into the ratrace of society, you realize passing of time and experience first disappointments ('no-one told you when to run..') and what it means to get older ('every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time').
    - Money: The materialistic phase of your life, working and earning money, not thinking much of the greater things in life. Reflected in even so cliche music.
    - Us and them: The elderly phase of life: you have seen it all, and you feel you have done your part. You become narrowminded and start talking about 'us' and 'them'. Like many elderly people do, you retract socially in a more inner circle of close family and friends. Society as a whole becomes less important, because you realize you will not be part of it for a long time anymore.
    - Brain damage: In the next phase your brain degenerates, you become detached from the outside world and 'real' people do not see anymore what you think. You loose touch with reality, your mind starts doing its own ways, but it feels to you like the rest of the world is doing strange things ('when the band you're in starts playing different tunes'). You get locked up in an institution or an elderly home, but more importantly, you get locked up in your head, sometimes even purposely by 'making the cut' (lobotomy).
    - Eclipse: The end. Finally, all actions and apparent contradictions and conflicts in life are resolved and disappear at the point of death (=the sun is eclipsed by the moon: the night falls for your brain). Even time itself disappears ('all that is now, all that is gone, all that's to come'). At this point everything melts together and you find/realize/experience that 'everything under the sun is in tune' and that all struggles were constructs of your conscious brain). Then the heartbeat stops. You're gone...

    I see no messages or judgements, or philosophies about darkness, just a tale about the phases of life. It helps me to realize what lies ahead for all of us. The Dark Side of the Moon is one of those rare works of Art where message, form and performance have come together in a perfect marriage.
    pcamelon July 13, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt could mean that. I can see that. I always thought it ment that with all the things that you can do...everything you have ever thought of or accomplished...everything...can change that quickly when the "sun is eclisped by the moon." Not litterally, of course, but just one little tiny insignificant thing can change everything about your life.

    Oh, and I always thought it was "and all that you spite and everyone you fight." Of course, I could be wrong...that has happened on occasion.
    Jaspin Demotheneseon April 17, 2002   Link
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    General CommentNo matter what we do, it will always be in tune with the sun, meaning that everything will be all right in the end. Unfortunatly, the sun is eclipsed by the moon, the moon, especially the dark side of the moon, is all the things in life that cause horrible things. Money, war, etc. Then after the song ends, we find out, if you turn up your speakers, that the entire moon is dark, so that no matter what, this metaphorical moon will always be a problem if we continue to let it eclipse the sun.
    BrainDamageon August 24, 2002   Link
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    General Comment
    The Sun represents the concious waking mind, the moon is the subconcious 'darkside'. Everything in the cosmos IS perfectly in tune,its WE who are all screwed up. Since the lunar is in opposition to the solar, humanity's mind torn into two seperate poles (duality: light/dark, male/female/,good/evil) we will forever be subject to time, decay and death.

    The world is ruled by symbols & signs, not words & rules- Confuscious was right. Learn to read the symbols surrounding you & EVERTYHING will begin to make sense. Seek & and you shall find
    Hungryforalynchinon July 24, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt means that everything we do is meaningless
    Jon April 17, 2002   Link
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    My Interpretation"I don't see it as a riddle. The album uses the sun and the moon as symbols; the light and the dark; the good and the bad; the life force as opposed to the death force. I think it's a very simple statement saying that all the good things life can offer are there for us to grasp, but that the influence of some dark force in our natures prevents us from seizing them. The song addresses the listener and says that if you, the listener are affected by that force, and if that force is a worry to you, well I feel exactly the same too. The line 'I'll see you on the dark side of the moon' [Brain Damage] is me speaking to the listener, saying, 'I know you have these bad feelings and impulses because I do too and one of the ways I can make direct contact with you is to share with you the fact that I feel bad sometimes." -Roger Waters

    I'm kinda siding with him on this.
    Sorry if someone else posted this... I didn't really bother to read other comments.
    Chad17on March 11, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe Sun represents the concious waking mind, the moon is the subconcious 'darkside'. Everything in the cosmos IS perfectly in tune,its who are all screwed up. Since the lunar is in opposition to the solar, humanity's mind is torn into two seperate poles (duality: light/dark, male/female/,good/evil) we will forever be subject to time, decay and death.
    Hungryforalynchinon July 24, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti love the last lines:

    "everything under the sun is in tune
    but the sun is eclipsed by the moon"

    i believe it means: everything is fine when there's light or happiness [sun], but that the light is covered [eclipsed] by the darkness or depression [the moon].
    because the entire song leads up to those lines, he's saying that life is meaningless when you're depressed.
    sapphireskieson July 20, 2002   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm a little surprised by all the different interpretations of this song, because what it means to me is simple and powerful.

    Early in the album the lyrics go, "all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be." A pretty grim take on life, that it has so little meaning.

    As the album progresses, the lyrics portray a man grown tired by the drudgery of life. It's about working, running to catch a plane flight, wasting time, money, building status, politics, and war. Even the act of breathing, existence itself. It's enough to make anybody go insane. How crazy would you be to think that just one man's life holds any kind of significance?

    So maybe that's the answer, madness. To trick ourselves into thinking anything matters. What if you thought there was more?

    For me this is probably the most uplifting song I've ever heard. It says, EVERYTHING matters. As he lists all of the experiences of life during Eclipse, he's saying there isn't one thing that one of us ever does that doesn't matter. Listen to the words and know each one of those things impacts the universe and all of us, everything under the sun.

    But then you'd have to be crazy, on the dark side of the moon, to think that's true. If that's the case, I say let the moon eclipse the sun and put us all on the dark side.
    BrianNILon October 28, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI go pretty deep with the meaning. I read it as the modern take on how we identify the meaning of our own reality, and the nature of our needing to know if we are a creation of intellect, of intelligent design, that made us in a nature that this creator imagined?
    Or are we descendants of a cosmic incidents that some guess happened 13.8 billion years ago due to a large mass exploding due to a massive pressure built over time. If you think that, than you have to realize that the big bang was wasn't the beginning of time, because what caused this mass to exist anyway? It obviously didn't just "boom" appear. If this is the case, we are the product of a miracle beyond miracles, with the ability to try to map out the how, because it was a random act, there could be no why..therefore we are nothing but specs of cosmic dust that somehow formed after billions of years of "evolution" and with that evolution, somehow intelligence, and the understanding of being, and than the importance of progressing, evolving and the molecules in our body deciding living is a good thing, it must survive and at all costs, thus we lost the fins, the gills, the scales, the walking on four legs, than two, than straighter, with more understanding of the things around us. Evolution is the meaning that are the remnants of the biggest microwave explosion of all time, and the ingredients that came to be, over time, evolved from space dust to the living breathing beings we are today. And those people say that people that believe in God are clueless.

    I believe the lyrics above, quite simply are evidence that we are beings created by a higher power, someone that gave us not only the ability to survive, but to experience all the other feelings that make us human. That have nothing to do with survival, but all have to do with making our lives better, or in some case worse. It gives us the hope that there is something that took the time to make us, and obviously cares for us. Scientists spend billions on going back in time, and trying to recreate the moments of when matter became life, and come up with scientific theories using math as a formula to understand the how we came to be.

    Yet the greatest mystery isn't in the how, but in the why, and in the now. I want to see them do a formula on how love is created, and how do we feel that, the lucky ones that have felt true love, trust me, it's not just a word, it's the difference between the how and the why, and if it could be tapped, and spread, this world could be so much better, and it gives another reason to live, hope.

    And at the end of the song, after all the evidence of a divine creator, of the light the shines on and in us all, a light that shines like the sun, is now being eclipsed by the cold, dark moon, and the belief that all that is now is an accident, all that has past will be forgotten, and all that's to come is darkness and nothing.

    William Shakespeare once said:

    All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances;

    Something intelligent put us here, for better or for worse.
    I choose to think the eclipse starts the second our life ends and we lose consciousness, and death arrives, and the darkness of death as the moon passes, and the light awaiting us on the other side will be incredible.

    You can choose to believe that life is an accident, and anything we do means nothing, and those that suffer will know only know suffering as there reality, and the ones that we love that make our life here on earth so special will die, some in horrific ways and that's that. And that it really doesn't matter whether your good or bad, why care?

    But.....how would we know what is good or bad, or why do we care if that was not implanted in our DNA?

    You can choose to spend your time here living here in an eclipse of hopelessness, and believe that all that is lost and all that has gone will be gone.

    I choose to believe in a line from the great movie The Shawshank Redemption, "hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things", and that was imprinted in who we are. And I choose to believe the sun will shine, and when it's my turn to go, I will see my sister again, and the friends that i've lost, as well as all the others that will feel the same way.
    The pain of losing the ones we love in the now is short in cosmic turns, and they are never gone, they are in our head in memories, in our heart in emotions, the things they left behind we can touch, the pictures and videos we can see and hear, the favorite meals they shared we can taste, and the love they left we can feel.

    And if it doesn't happen, and the scientists and atheist are right, and they win, at least I will leave here with a smile on my face, because my last thoughts are going to be of the ones I loved, and the ones that I will see again. It will not be in the realization that all is hope is gone, and the horrible realization of knowing this is the end, and everything meant nothing.

    In my world, the sun will always eclipse the moon.
    theduke77on September 06, 2014   Link

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