"Snoop Dog, Baby" as written by Aaron Barrett, Tavis Jeremy Werts and Andrew Ernest Gonzales....
I just couldn't believe it,
When I turned on
The radio, try to run, try to hide,
Try to keep it inside,
They were playin' that song
And I thought about her
Snoop doggy dog, snoop doggy dog
So much trouble in the LBC
Livin' without her's gonna drive me crazy, she's so.

Don't you just want to kill me, cause I'm talkin'
Behind my back, well I love the band,
They're a great bunch of guys,
But lookin' at her brings
Tears to my eyes, I'm watchin' her shake
She gonna give me heart attack now, baby
Snoop doggy dog, snoop doggy dog
Maybe I don't want her back, you know?
Maybe I just can't let her go, I'm so.

Well I turn the radio off,
I don't want no part, try to make me a big star?
I don't want to be a big star.
Everybody's mad they want to kick me in the head
Was it somethin' I did, was it somethin' I said?
I would try to tell you but I just don't want to lie
It really shouldn't matter but it makes me want to
Cry, I wish I didn't care, I wish I didn't care
But I do. snoop doggy dog
(She said) snoop doggy dog
Please don't tell me it'll be
OK cause I know
I'll never never never get my way
And so.

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"Snoop Dog Baby" as written by Andrew Ernest Gonzales Aaron Barrett

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Snoop Dog, Baby song meanings
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    General Commenti love RBF but i really dont understand this song. is snoop doggy dog someones nickname? its a catchy tune but i wish i understood what it meant
    youlookfunnyon August 21, 2002   Link
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    General Commentsnoop doggy dogg is an american rapper, dunno what the hell the rest of the songs about
    michaelsimpsonon October 17, 2002   Link
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    General Comment"The Goodwin Club had a song called "Snoop Doggie Dogg Needs A Jobby Job" and I really like them, and I had a big crush on Tami, so I wrote a song about her singing a song about Snoop Dogg. I would always think of her when I heard a Snoop Dogg song." - Quote from the RBF about writing the song :-)
    Deanoon April 08, 2003   Link
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    General Commentah i love this song. before i knew what the title was and read the lyrics, i thought he said "there's a new dog in town".
    LiveOnCokeon October 31, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about having a song that reminds you of someone you used to care about/still care about and you hear it and still want to like the song but can't help being upset listening to it.

    It's the worst when you love a song but can't listen to it because it hurts too much.
    msweron January 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about trying to forget someone you love, but with no success

    "i just couldn't believe, when i turned on
    the radio, try to run, try to hide, try to keep it inside
    they were playing that song and i thought about her"

    he didn't get over with the girl, he still remembers her

    "living without her's gonna drive me crazy"

    maybe she is his ex with this line and he want's her as a partner, girlfriend, or even friend

    "well i love the band
    they're great bunch of guys
    but looking at her bring tears to my eyes"

    he tries to forget about her, thinking about his friends
    but she is still much important to him

    "don't you just wanna kill me, cause i'm talking behind your back
    maybe i don't want her back, you know?
    maybe i just can't let her go... i'm so"

    he talks bad about her
    and he tries and tries to forget her
    but he knows he is still in love

    "well i turn the radio off...
    i don't want no part, try to make me a big star
    i don' wanna be a big star"

    he lost the meaning to fight and go on
    maybe he was trying to be a big star because he was with her
    it's very common men taking care of themselves, working hard, just because they're in love

    "everybody's mad...."
    of course! the guy is a loser, he is in love and is regreting the band, his friends
    Nigokion December 19, 2006   Link
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    General CommentEmo big fish lol
    Nigokion December 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commentwell he is not a loser he wishes he didn't care anyway

    sorry for the spam i don't know how i edit
    Nigokion December 19, 2006   Link

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