What was it like to see
The face of your own stability
Suddenly look away
Leaving you with the dead and hopeless?
Eleven and she was gone
Eleven is when we waved good-bye
Eleven is standing still
Waiting for me to free him
By coming home

Moving me with a sound
Opening me within a gesture
Drawing me down and in
Showing me where it all began

It took so long to realize that
You hold the light that's been leading me back home
Under a dead Ohio sky
Eleven has been and will be waiting
Defending his light
And wondering
Where the hell have I been?
Sleeping, lost, and numb
So glad that I have found you
I am wide awake and heading home

Hold your light
Lead me through each gentle step by step
By inch by loaded memory
I'll move to heal
As soon as pain allows so we can
Reunite and both move on together
Hold your light
Eleven, lead me through each gentle step by step
By inch by loaded memory
'Til one and one are one, eleven
So glow, child, glow
I'm heading back home

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Jimmy Lyrics as written by Daniel Carey Adam Jones

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    General CommentFinally, 10 years later, some clarification from the band!

    If you listen to A Perfect Circle's "Judith" and more importantly, Tool's new "10,000 days (Wings for Marie Part 2)", most is explained.

    His mothers name was Judith Marie Keenan.
    in Judith, Maynard sings 'fuck your god, he's the one that left you broken down and paralyzed'.
    In 10,000 days, he sings '10,000 days in the fire is long enough, you're going home', 'Judith Marie, unconditional one'.

    Judith Marie suffered for 10,000 days, perhaps from a stroke that left her paralyzed?
    She died on 18 June 2003. Maynard was born on 17 April 1964, so he was 39.2. 10,000 days is 27.4 years.
    39.2 - 27.4 = 11.8. He was 11 years old when it happened.

    Like Jimmy, the track 10,000 days also refers to "holding the light" and the light leading you home. In this track, the light is her gift of guidance and faith in him. Home is heaven.

    Therefore I think Jimmy is about Maynard losing his mother as he knew her. He was young and depended on her. "The face of your own stability". He talks to/of himself (jimmy, eleven) in third person as he is no longer the innocent child he was prior to this event.
    Half way through the song, "So glad that I have found you" is Jimmy realising that he himself is lost, not her. The person he knew is still with him in the form of the gift of guidance (the light or "loaded memory") she has instilled in him, and he goes on to use it to lead a successful life.
    "I am wide awake and headed home". There's an ongoing theme in Tool about pain being necessary to advance, and life being that step (best example is Parabol). "Heading home" means living his life, moving forward towards the afterlife. "as soon as pain allows" means as soon as he has learned the lessons of life.
    "So we can reunite, and both move on together". Maybe the song is about them reuniting back to the state of happy memories, when they become "one" in the afterlife. There's also an ongoing theme of collective consciousness through much of Tools work.

    Anyway, my main point being that Tool's new work surely confirms "he" is mjk and "she" is jmk.
    soakedinsoulon April 29, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOk, first off I wanna say that I never sign into sites like this.... but just reading all the bullshit on here was just pissing me off. Honestly are you people really that dumb? Obviously 90% of you aren't actual tool fans or maybe bought one CD and consider yourself Maynard experts. Yes Maynard has said that his songs are purposely written in a way that could have several meanings and leaves it open for the listener to interpret it the way they want (that's why he never discusses what his songs are about). But come on...... Sept 11th.....guess he sees into the future, Horoscopes, Numerology, The 11 11 time clock crap, and the list goes on and on. I mean some of you morons are talking about his sister (which P.S. doesn't exist since he's an only child), his mom Peggy, Susie, Kathy. Just stop embarrassing yourselves if you don't know the facts about his family, at least the basics like his moms name. Oh yeah I almost forgot besides getting his moms name wrong lots of you got HIS name wrong. HOW THE HELL COULD YOU BE ON THIS SITE AND NOT AT LEAST KNOW THAT HIS BIRTH NAME WASN'T MAYNARD. The songs name is jimmy.........his name is James......hmmmmmm I wonder who the songs about........maybe his dog. Anyway long story short the song has a pretty simple meaning people......just put the pipe down cause it's not doing all of you any good. It's about him as a boy jimmy......his mom became paralyzed when he was 11...he was sent off to his dads when he was 11..........his whole world changed because of what happened to his mom when he was 11............1+1.......11...the end.
    bakerbaker90on July 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about spiritual growth, as achieved through overcoming painful events that have been put into Maynard's life path.

    "til one and one are one, eleven.." means 1 and 1 together make 11. In numerology and spirituality 11 is a 'master' number. this means that someone who's life is lead by the number 11 has the opportunity to achieve spiritual mastery and move on from this plane of existence upon death. Maynard is talking about gaining insight into the pain of his past, his childhood. "glow child glow" means that his childhood will lead him back home. Home being the place beyond, the great light.

    It's also worth knowing that individuals whose lives are governed by 11 are believed to be spiritual 'messengers'. In many cases they are artists and spiritual leaders.

    The general content of the album deals with spiritual growth, for example the song "third eye". Look into what third eye means if you are interested.
    portcoquitlamon October 03, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti'm not bread...
    EnragedGooberon July 03, 2002   Link
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    My Interpretationcan't put any truth to it specifically but the feeling i get from the lyrics over tools whole discography is a general darkness and anger to begin with in undertow and opiate with a sense of tension between anger and happiness and an overwhelming feeling of being lost while having such strong direction. lateralus has more of a feel of realisation of contradictions, prime example grudge - whoever's right or wrong holding a grudge helps no one... aenima feels like the flushing out of the darkness within. realising lack of self control and desensitising just leads to wanting more(stinkfist) hating the martyr within (eulogy), stepping thru shadows(46 and 2)- this all makes me think of one realising he's missed seeing the world in a way he used to before he started being so hateful and cynical towards the world. so when i here the song to me it's about being in a state of confusion about the misdirection of ones life philosophies and wanting to reconnect with the view held as a child, that part of yourself was always there holding a light that you denied and he's wanting you to return, now i'm heading 'home' to my own self that i've ignored and repressed for so long, reconnecting, one and one is one, eleven... i don't know maynards life story but my interpretation of jimmy agrees with my own so that's what i think of when i listen to it, but i wasn't 11 so i think of 11 being two halves of a whole number, one and one can be one together in eleven...
    Scottforwatton October 24, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti believe this song is about maynards inner child. His real name is James as we all know and Jimmy is sometimes used as a nickname of sorts for james. Think of it as a name people used to call him when he was a kid. anyway something happened when he was 1, either a family member died or moved away (most likely female), and it tormented him. So in the song he talks about coming home to make peace and free his inner child.
    reverand_chrison December 14, 2001   Link
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    General CommentIt seems that Maynard is referring to his eleven year-old self in this song (calling him simply "Eleven"). Something was lost in Maynard when his mother experienced her aneurysm: a part of Maynard stopped growing with him and moving on. This is evidenced by the lyrics; "Eleven is standing still,"; and, "Eleven has been and will be waiting."

    For whatever reason, Maynard needed to go home to "reunite" with that lost part of him. Perhaps it is the part of him that looked to his mother as his "stability" or just as someone to share mutual care and love for. Eleven may be the part of him thats capable of loving his mother unconditionally: of idolizing and adoring her the way young children tend to; but that post age eleven, he moved on with the realization of his mother's mortality and may have been angered by it. It does seem that he's grown more compassionate and understanding towards her throughout his songs about her over the years. He might be seeking the balance between loving her as a young child does, but accepting her mortality and that what happened was beyond her control. Going home seems like a good place to do so if thats where his mother was.

    Just a guess though, as I'll never know exactly how he felt towards his mother before, during or after this song (or any of them for that matter).
    s13157on July 31, 2012   Link
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    General CommentEleven is how old he was when something traumatizing happened...he lived the rest of his life reflecting off of this experience "sleeping, lost, and numb." "Leaving me with the dead and hopeless" his Mother may have been paralyzed from her stroke at this time, maybe. He is hypnotized and "Eleven (Maynard (James "jimmy" as a child)" is guiding Maynard to him to mend the gap, reconnecting with his inner child. Creating closure...
    The_Patient27on January 02, 2009   Link
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    General Commentas it turns out your lyrics are aren't quite correct in a few spots, corrections:

    opening me with INNER GESTURES
    I was too SCARRED to realize

    Also, if anyone knows the mumbling that starts around 2:50, they should post it, I know it ends in

    Hold your light
    Hold your light
    Hold your light where I can see

    Daemianon July 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWho fucking cares his real name is James Keenan. He added Maynard later as one of his ultra tongue in cheek jokes that only he and his bandmates really get. Once again I hate you all.
    adamizeron May 14, 2002   Link

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