Cast the pearls aside of a simple life of need
Come into my life forever
The crumbled cities stand as known
Of the sights you have been shown
Of the hurt you call your own
You know, you know
Love is suicide, love is suicide
Love is suicide, love is suicide

The empty bodies stand at rest
Casualties of their own flesh
Afflicted by their dispossession
But nobody's ever knew
Nobody's felt like you
Love is suicide, love is suicide
Love is suicide, love is, ah

Now we drive the night, to the ironies of peace
You can't help deny forever
The tragedies reside in you
The secret sights hide in you
The lonely nights divide you in two, in two, in two
All my blisters now revealed
In the darkness of my dreams
In the spaces in between us
But nobody's ever knew
Nobody's felt like you
Nobody's ever knew
Nobody's felt like you

Love is suicide, love is suicide
Love is suicide, love is suicide

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"Bodies" as written by William Patrick Corgan

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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    General CommentIn the second chorus, when Billy is singing 'love is suicide', this is what is being spoken in the background:

    destroy / despise / distrust / disobey / destroy / distrust / disloyal / disarm / destroy / despise / dissect / deny / destroy / despise / distrust
    OsoPolar5on October 15, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningThe meaning of this song is basically saying that after someone breaks your heart it's extremely difficult and at times impossible to get over.

    "Love is Suicide," read it and weep. When you fall in love with someone it engulfs your whole being. So when the day comes that your beloved hurts you, you die inside. So the lyric is giving you advice that love is committing living suicide.

    "No bodies ever felt like you." rather than "nobody felt like you," the lyrics are implying a different meaning. The bodies being the physical attraction you have to someone and that no one else can ever have the same effect on you. Yet, it is also talking about how the whole part of the person you fall in love with someone will ever occur in any other lover.

    I love this song, the lyrics are a sort of commandment for me.
    Personal experience has made me full the full affect of what the song is supposed to bring out.
    robinfioon January 07, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"love is suicide" is just a bitter take on being in love. when you're infatuated and committed to someone, you kill yourself, your spirit, to become part of them. it has nothing to do with breaking up.
    zusannaon March 11, 2011   Link
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    General CommentYou love someone intensely, you burn cities down and hurt yourself in your mind, call all the pain in the world your own, and yet there is nothing quite like that person whom you're ripping yourself apart for. The song directly addresses that person... It's a lament from the inside out.
    Renzokuon May 29, 2002   Link
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    General CommentInteresting takes on this song, all with valid points.

    I think the song covers both sides of the love issue - falling in love and then losing that love - as forms of suicide. In the first verse we have someone falling in love and in the process giving up what it means to be themselves and taking on the life of their partner. Casting away their "simple life of need" and placing their partner's burdens on their shoulders ("of the sights you have been shown / of the hurt you call your own"). I've known many people who seem to lose their identity when they fall in love. Forgetting all their friends and pursuits to live for this one person they love deeply. In this case, love is indeed suicide.

    In the second verse the person loses his/her love. Or maybe they are just falling out of love as they come to terms with the pain that they tried to take on in the first verse and realize the conflicts are pushing the couple apart. But despite all that, the singer remembers that no one felt like this love it's killing him to be apart from it.

    But perhaps I'm being too literal...
    duncan_joon November 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentGreat song. What does it mean though? Is it about losing the affections of someone you care for greatly and the feelings of lonliness and despair?
    Luke the Mightyon May 21, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI guess this is turning into a bit of a confessional...but if you HAVEN'T been there, you'll be 13 soon and it'll happen ALL THE FUCKING TIME. :D
    juvenilecokefiendon September 06, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti'm going off to work so i'll put something fast.
    i agree with the thing of "love is suicide = eventually love is going to end anyway"

    i guess, by some old relationships i had that
    "now we drive the night, to the ironies of peace"
    is being by yourself, searching for tranquility or peace. with nothing and nobody around to bother you with their things.
    in my case was going out to drink something alone at nights.
    but, what kind of peace is that? you're alone, nobody there to bother you, but you're not in peace. you keep thinking and thinking about the subject.
    oli170on June 25, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis album is a soundtrack to adolescence
    silverushon November 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentCompletely reminds me of a high school relationship. It was good for all the physical high I got from it, but it was really wretched otherwise. The particular girl I was with felt like a total leech. I could see how sticking with her would absolutely suffocate me. Deciding to give in would be absolute suicide. I would have to give all the parts of myself that I wanted to keep over to her - essentially losing myself to really love her. This was way too much for a young teenager. As an older man, I was totally willing to do this. And come to find out, you die a little to live a lot. So, yes, love is suicide. But it is a small death when you have a soulmate who you are committed to.

    The other part that could be suicide is how much of you becomes exposed in an intimate relationship. Not just physical nakedness. But you are seen at your best and your worst. This can be tough.

    Also, when you fight with your spouse it can feel like part of you is being ripped apart. The whole oneness thing in marriage is very real. Almost too scary.
    rockstar79on January 03, 2017   Link

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