"A" as written by and Steven Page....
A is for angry, which is what you are at me
A is for adult, which is what I'll never be
A is for applesauce, my favorite meal
A is for Adam, which is how I sometimes feel;
Like I'm the only man on earth and I've forgotten what that's worth

A is for Arthur, he's a lovable drunk
Amazing like Thelonius Monk
A is for argument, A is for apparent
A is for antagonism that's not even there and
It's just you begging for attention or something I won't even mention.

And I don't even know why you keep on trying
I don't even know why I keep on lying
There are millions of people in worlds of their own
And two of them can't let go.

A is for algebra, I learned it in school
A is what Fonzie said, 'cause he was very cool.
A is for adversery, A is for election
A is arousal, you are giving me an erection
C'mon I'm trying to show affection for longer than a half an hour.


I met a woman I used to know
Long before you, long ago
All I could say, after hello
Was "are you still single?"

A is attitude I can't help but wield
A is for arrogance; emotional shield
A is for acting, A is for abhorrently
A is for asshole, which is what I am, how rude of me,
I owe you an apology I'm sorry


Here we go

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    General CommentSteven Page for president!!!
    sarahmansouron September 10, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis is a great song
    Emily1014on April 20, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe girl he's with sometimes acts like a bitch, either for attention or for another reason.... he doesn't know why he says with her... he meets an old girlfriend and is attracted to her... but he still loves his girlfriend... then, just like me, after tearing down the girl he turns to himself in the last chorus... although he's upset, that's no excuse for him being an asshole... he's sorry.
    wrionon June 04, 2004   Link
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    General CommentA is for [A]wesome, totally friggin [A]wesome. This band, and this song, are [A]we-inspiring. I have heard that this song is about [A]utism. [A]urther was an [A]utistic kid that Kevin Hearn knew in High-School. [A]urther drank like a fish and died early in life. Kevin and [A]urther were in a jazz band together (hence the "Thelonius Monk" reference).

    This song and others like it are why the Bare Naked Ladies will become, and are becoming, the best band in history. I predict that the Bare Naked Ladies will surpass the Beatles in roughly 1 1/2 years.

    Bare Naked Ladies have such depth and the songs (like this one) have so much meaning. When I first heard this song I [A]ctually cried. It is [A]stonishing with it's sweeping use of [A]lliteration and [A]llegory.

    Man am I jacked! I really love this band. I am so glad that other "Naked Ladies" like myself are fans. I [A]ctually bought one of those "BNL-Betty" blowup dolls. I like to sing to it really fast like they do and imagine that she is Ed Robertson or Steven Page. Sometimes, I sing Beatles tunes to her and pretend that she gets sick and pukes on me.
    simpgon November 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song is quite obviously about the beginning of time. The hidden undertones are forged in the subtext of the letter chosen as the zenith of the song. A is for the alpha, which in the bible is the beginning, with omega being at the end. The rest of the song is about what comes after the beginning, thanks to it. Had the world not been started, many things would not have come to pass. Some of them are good, some of them bad, but they all started in the beginning, with alpha. There are also those things that are good and bad, like "the lovable drunk".

    "A is for angry, which is what you are at me"

    A bad thing.

    "A is for adult, which is what I'll never be"

    Adult is a good thing, but he won't be it so it's a bad thing. This one is ambiguous.

    "A is for applesauce, my favorite meal"

    A good thing.

    "A is for Adam, which is how I sometimes feel; "

    This one is interesting. It's bad and it's good, because Adam was the first man which is absolutely smashing! However, Adam also was lured to commit a sin by Eve, so that is bad. This is another ambiguous one, and it also points towards A as in the alpha. A stands for alpha, but also for adam, who was the alpha male, and whose name starts with adam.

    The song of course talks about relationships and what not, but it is definitely framed within the architectural context of alpha and omega. Relationships are in a way a representative of that duality, as all relationships have a beginning and end! This symbolism is amazing, and the barenaked ladies, as per simpg's suggestion, are certainly approaching the level of the beatles. I don't know if they will surpass them in 1 1/2 years, but they very well might eventually. With this kind of in-depth mineral wealth of creative assertion, the barenaked ladies have proven themselves A-Awesome.

    This song bathes in metaphors, and comes out clean as a whistle. It drips finely formed similes onto the floor, allowing them to flow towards the drain and mingle with allusions. The towel of hyperbole wraps around it, completing the metaphorphasizing process, an absolutely fantastic song that will live on forever as one of the greats.
    underabuseon November 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentMe: "Foof, foof, foof, foof, foof .... oh this gives me a headache...foof, foof, foof....there.....Hi"

    BNL-Betty: (not saying anything, but giving a smoldering look)

    Me: "It’s been one week since you looked at me..."

    BNL-Betty: (Condensation starting to appear on her taught plastic surface)

    Me: (Winking)...Cocked your head to the side...

    BNL-Betty: (Plastic color starting to turn red as it is rubbed)

    Me: "...and said I’m angry..."

    BNL-Betty: (Still not saying anything, but seemingly starting to swoon)

    Me: "...hmmm...."

    Me: "...Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..."

    BNL-Betty: (A small pustule of non-organic matter begins to form in her artificial tube of a mouth. It begins to ooze a brown-green discharge which has square black-brown chunks that, for whatever reason, start to take the shape of Ringo. The Ringo puss dribbles to the floor and burns through the economically sensitive oriental rug bought from Target. The generally viscous, yellowish-white fluid formed from infected auditory tissue otherwise known as Ringo-puss starts to sing Yellow Submarine and spurt white cakey wads of mop-haired cholesterol balls. BNL-Betty starts to lose air as her plastic color turns a putrid green. The dog in the house start to bleed a slimy yellow custard from his eyes. The Tivo turns on the TV and begins recording Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and armageddon begins to take over....)

    Me: "....oh...ah....Five days since you laughed at me saying, Get that together come back and see me...Whew that was close...."
    simpgon November 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentHow dare you, simpg and underabused. Comparing Barenaked Ladies to The Beatles is like comparing apples to oranges...and not in a good way. Where should I start? Well, how about these key points?

    1. The Beatles came first. Though some might say that the fathers of the BNL guys inspired The Beatles, I don't see how this could be the case. If it were, I'm sure BNL's music would be much better ('cause it sucks).

    2. Barenaked Ladies is a stupid name. And I can't see that kindergartners will be singing BNL songs when they're at play...will they...? NO! They'll be singing The Beatles happy go lucky music that has survived for 40+ years (as compared to BNL's 10+ years in existence...hey, reminds me of how long Modest Mouse has been around).

    3. The Beatles has a clever play on words: Beat intertwined with Beetles makes Beatles. As for the other? Well, Barenaked Ladies...not much more than that. And while The Beatles actually had a beat, I don't remember Barenaked Ladies having nude women on their albums, concerts, videos, etc. (upsetting since I would like to pose).

    4. Number of songs. For a band to surpass another, it would most likely need to have more songs. Shiznit, why not say Led Zeppelin is better than The Beatles, then? (Which some consider that they might be.)

    5. N/A (as in Never Asshole)

    Just my nickel's worth.
    SNMNMNMon November 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentYou are quite wrong snm. Your first point is completely irrelevant. If we were to say that whichever came first was the best, than twisted sister would be better than an awful lot of groups, and they are definitely towards the bottom. The simple fact that Mr. Creeggan the first taught Ringo his first guitar lick is irrevocable evidence that the beatles were influenced by the barenaked ladies, albeit in an indirect form. The musical talent of Creeggan's father (and some of the other band members) is releashed with violence in all of their progeny's music, striking down the enemies of good taste with unrelenting waves of near-apocalyptic level style.

    Your second point is well made, but only if you ignore the root of the barenaked ladies name. It actually comes from one main story about the drummer's brother. Back in the day when they all used to smoke a bunch of doobies, his brother Barrie (spelled funny, but blame his parents) took a hit of some weird stuff. Anyhow, by the end of the night they had convinced him to run down the street naked. "They" being the rest of the band, since they used to be friends. Anyhow, this happened at about the time they were in high school, and were Lad's. Hence, if you rearrange the name, you have "Barrie Naked Lad" which is really a close anagram of Barenaked ladies. Pretty neat, right? Certainly equivalent to the beatles. This also makes your third point moot.

    The beatles might have lots of songs, but most of them are pretty miserable. Strawberry fields forever? What kind of hogwash is that? Anyhow, they certainly have not written anything approaching the delicious representation of lyrically astounding and stupendously invitingly tongued guitar licks, coupled with phenomenal earth-shattering drum rolls, delivered as an undertone to the finely delivered lyrics meant to bring the listener into a state of euphoric rapture. Name one beatles song the equivalent of this one!
    underabuseon November 30, 2004   Link
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    General CommentHey SNMNMNM....when I fart it sounds better than the Beatles.
    simpgon December 02, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI would absolutely LOVE to hear those musical farts. Oh please, kind sir, where can I find MP3s of your amazing talent with your ass?
    SNMNMNMon December 02, 2004   Link

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