"Mind" as written by Daron Malakian, Serj Tankian, Shavo Odajian and John Dolmayan....
Look at each other, look at each other, look at each other, look at each other.

Go away, go away, go away, go away

Mutually, mentally molested children of a mother,
Mutually, mentally molested children of sin,
The ever so popular beating that took you under,
The ever so popular beating that broke your skin.

Free thinkers are dangerous,
Blame, hate, for fate's seed.

Go away, go away, go away, go away

Need the ones you love and love the ones you need,
Need the one you love and love the ones you bleed,
Lives rearranged and lives in my range can you breath
Lives rearranged and lives in my range can you see.

Free thinkers are dangerous,
Blame, hate, for fate's, seed.

Why, why, why, why,
Gonna let you mother fuckers die, gonna let you mother fuckers die,
Gonna let you mother fuckers die, why

Look at each other, look at each other..

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"Mind" as written by Shavo Odadjian Daron Malakian

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    My InterpretationI know this most likely isn't what the song was written about, but I interpret it as what goes through someones mind when they start to resent someone or just people in general. Sorry if this ends up being super long.

    In the beginning the music's calm which conveys a feeling of peace. He's saying things like "Come close to me, let me love you...Look at each other." This is supposed to show the love that he has for people. The "look at each other" is him wanting people to get along, asking them to just look at each other and be happy.

    I see the music trailing off and getting momentarily silent as either a random realization or something that suddenly happened that made him realize how horrible people are/can be. The music starts to sound angry. "Go away!" Just wanting to be alone and to get away from everyone was the initial response to his anger.

    "Mutually, mentally molested children" He sees people as being mentally molested by the media, things that they've been told by their parents, religion, the issues they've had in life, etc. Pretty much everyone's screwed up because of something and many are blind to that fact.

    "Oh, no. The ever so popular beating that took you under" Could be referring to what happens in someones life that gives them the "negative" personality characteristics that they end up growing up with. The "beating" could also be referring to what the narrator went through that changed his views on humanity. Or, since the "oh no" makes it sound somewhat sarcastic (or maybe that's just me) it could be directed towards people that tend to constantly complain about what they went though in life and use that as an excuse for the bad things that they do. Just some ideas.

    "Free thinkers are dangerous." He's mocking how people tend to be closed minded and dislike views that are different from theirs or just different from the norm in general. He feels that he's been a victim of their closed mindedness.

    "Need the ones you love and love the ones you need" I see this as either him trying to calm himself down, reminding himself that despite his anger he still cares about and needs the people he loves. Or he's saying it almost mockingly, asking himself if he really does need or love the people that surround him.

    "Gonna let you mother fuckers die" To me, this is the climax of the song. Instead of literally saying he would let someone die he's pretty much just saying "Screw all of you, I'm done."

    The music gets significantly slower and he again repeats "look at each other". He ends up feeling horrible and wants to get rid of his resentful feelings, still begging people (or maybe himself) to get along.
    neverpanicon August 04, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI interpret this song as being about a kid who is abused by his parents, which leads him to kill them or go on a killing spree.
    godddamon October 31, 2012   Link
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    General Comment"Free thinkers are dangerous" - The motto for a totalitarian state, in which children are 'mentally molested' for the state's ideals. If you've seen or read 1984 you'll understand this song more in the sense of totalitarian and opression, which is what these lyrics CAN relate to.

    "Gonna let you mother fuckers die" - The state cares little for its civilians, and would rather eradicate those who are disloyal than reward those who are loyal.

    "Look at eachother" - A reflection on how people can lose their humanity by being isolated from social contact. Social contact is being limited in a totalitarian state since it encourages self-thought, something that cannot be permitted in such a society. Looking at eachother is the one social principle that keeps us from turning into monster.

    "Lives rearranged and lives in my range" - The state is able to influence its citizens from birth, being born into a state ideal makes them more loyal, brainless and unthinking, until the point they will no longer be able to rebel against the government.

    Even in today's society of the western world free thinkers are a danger to the status quo. We know System of a Down is very anti-government, especially in their first album and demo tapes, so explaining it from an anti-government point of view reflects on most of the lyrics.
    RyanWolfehon July 28, 2013   Link
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    General Commenti think this song mite have to do with a child being brought to life and being brought up in this cruel world and being driven crazy becuase of it, charles manson being the example

    the way this song starts out is like - o baby come close to me, then it says look at each other a couple times as in symbolizing that a mother and her baby being close and loving each other, and over the years as he grows up they look at each other, which is why they repeat it so many times, and finally GO AWAY. then it says how the childs mind is going mad with thoughts of being menrally abused by his family and religion (sin). both these things fill his mind and conscience with guilt. he is hten being beaten maybe not physically but in everyday life the child now faces the BS of the world other than his family problems and hte stress his religion puts on him, so it is breaking his skin. the beating is popular since it happnes to everyone and it took u under since u are living under it. then it is saying that in this world everyone follows somethign adn is put into thier minds that free thinkers are dangerous and just need to follow the government and religion and wat not. then it says u can blame hate for wat will end up happening to u and ur fate since the world is full of hate.

    now the child is going insane and again taking all this in is saying GO AWAY, and doesnt want his head filled with the BS that society does to u (the child is the example of every human in society)

    the song then goes on to say that the child needs the ones he loves and loves hte ones he needs, pretty self explanitory, then he says love the ones you bleed, i am not sure exactly but i think this mite mean, u should also love those in pain but not jus those u know, but in todays day no one gives a shit about anyone, so it is saying that u should give a shit about everyone, even those suffering. (note they see these lines softly)

    he then goes on to say lives rearanged and lives in my range, saying that lives change, people are constantly havin their lives changed painfully by hte way society is. the boy grew up innocnet but as he got older he became sad and abused and crazy. so his live was rearnged, and its saying to us CAN U SEE, CAN U SEE WATS HAPPENING BECAUSE OF SOCIETY. its also saying could u possibly breath in a place like this, where we destroy each other. then in the end it goes to say WHY WHY WHY, wats the reason, why must we be this way.

    in the end the whole, gonna let u mother fuckers die, again shows how cruel we are, we are gonna let u all mother fuckers die. we dont give a shit, people suffer and die all the time and we let them, we dont care and do nothing and its our fault for making society the way it is.

    in the end its asking us to look at each other but htis time it doesnt mean a child growing up lookin at his mopther until she abuses him one way or another. its saying look at each other. person to person. look at wat we made each other to be, look at wat we did to society

    this song started about an average boy being damaged as he grew up by his family, religion, society but the went on and said society has been damaged by itself in general, and sill asks why, and take a good look at each other
    Im Iranianon April 26, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIt's not as accessible as their other songs, you have to listen to it a few times. But if you claim to hate it so much at least give a reason, otherwise you're just making yourself look stupid.
    fade_out_againon March 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI think it´s about child molestation. Seems pretty obvious, but I could be wrong.
    Crane42on June 11, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe real meaning of the song is in the album's manual but I discovered that the song is a metaphor for a popular incident in my country South Africa that's not mainstream.

    In my opinion the song chronicles the murders of infamous South African serial killer/rapist "Moses Sithole" (A.K.A "The ABC Killer") because his murder's began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and finished in Cleveland, a suburb of Johannesburg.

    From 1994-1995 Sithole went on a murder spree killing at least 38 people and robbing 3 stores but was eventually arrested in 1995. In 1997 he was sentenced to life imprisonment and was locked up at C Max one of the worst maximum security prisons in South Africa where people are practically isolated in padded cells. At C Max you can't leave your cell and are given food through a a small door. After a million years and you're allowed to leave you're practically a human vegetable who thinks that the doors just fooling you to get food again.

    Sithole was a mild-mannered man but an extremely vile and vicious man at heart. He even had a charity against child abuse (as he was an orphan when his father died when he was 5 and his mother abandoned him in the ghetto). However, all of his victims were females interviewing for positions with Sithole's charity. He would take them to remote fields, and proceed to beat, rape, and murder them. They were generally strangled with their own underwear. He would then write the word "bitch" on their dead bodies before dumping them. He even phoned his victims families and taunted them and by the time he was discovered, he killed at least 30 people and the whole country panicked (including president Mandela)


    The "Go Away" line represents the victim's trying to escape Sithole.

    The "Molested children" are his victims and when the singer.

    The "Ever So Popular beating" is a reference to Sithole beating his victims and the "Skin" part represents when he wrote the world "B-tch" on their skin.

    "Blame, Hate, For Fate's Seed" represents how Sithole is practically giving in to his tragic childhood by committing wrong-doing and repeating hate's cycle.

    The "Free Thinkers" are the people he is after and he has complete hatred for them.

    "Gonna let you motherfuckers die" is a direct reference to Sithole's lack of emotion and sympathy towards his victim's.

    "Lives rearranged" is a reference to how he affected the lives of his victim's families.

    "Lives in my range" is a reference to Sithole's killing record of 38 people. He's basically saying "I've killed lots of lives and I'm on a roll with it"

    "Why, why, why, why" Well. That's what all the people in court are wandering how could such a horrible killing spree happen.

    Oh, and the title "Mind is a reference to how messed up he was or how he horribly corrupted all the minds of the people he raped. The music also matches the intensity and how frightening the situation involving Sithole was.

    I'm a South African and this is my "South African" Interpretation of the song. System Of A Down is an awesome band and thank god Sithole is locked up.
    luc1606285on May 17, 2015   Link
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    General CommentPLEASE! i might sound really childish and retarded, but i really have been trying to figure out what this song means. is there a story behind it? I have thought that it might be partly a religious song, about how the Mother (mary) is the mother of us all, and in the religion runs us, (molests us)?. soad just puts so many things in a song.. it is very hard to say that the song is about one topic. I'm sure someone could figure aout some other views of this song. "free thinker are dangerous"? is that sopposed to be a govornment message, towards the people. same with "gonna let you motherfuckers die"... please, help me on this one. ...
    Sabbathfanon January 05, 2002   Link
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    General Commentum..i think 'free thinkers are dangerous' is a message sayin that people who think for themselves and don't agree with what the government are saying are the ones that the government hate and consider dangerous.

    thas all i can think of..lol..this song is way to complicated..
    dilweed83on January 12, 2002   Link
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    General Commentmutually molested... a willing victim?
    Sounds like someone going back and forth within his own mind, knowing what's right but contradicting himself because of his hatred. Some lines of the song sound like he's repeating things that people have told him and its all running through his subconscious....
    ...eh...lost my train of thought
    ringoon January 27, 2002   Link

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