"Spiders" as written by Daron Malakian, Serj Tankian, Shavo Odajian and John Dolmayan....
The piercing radiant moon,
The storming of poor June,
All the life running through her hair,

Approaching guiding light,
Our shallow years in fright,
Dreams are made winding through my head,

Through my head,
Before you know, Awake,

Your lives are open wide,
The V-chip gives them sight,
All the life running through her hair,

The spiders all in tune,
The evening of the moon,
Dreams are made winding through my head,

Through my head,
Before you know, Awake

Through my head,
Before you know,
Before you know I will be waiting all awake,

Dreams are made winding through her hair,
Dreams are made winding through her hair.

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"Spiders" as written by Shavo Odadjian Daron Malakian

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Spiders song meanings
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    General CommentThought it was about a girl you want so bad but just can't have. Like totally out of your league.
    Centurianon June 12, 2002   Link
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    General CommentIf you look up June 2011 on the Tounipalli, the sacred Mayan calender three reeds align in position of year, 13 day week and the day. The reed symbolizes lightning and storms and other various things. Idk I had to sift through the calendar to find when it lines up exactly and I dont remember but its in June. Just go to azteccalendar.com you can look through it for yourself.

    There I looked it up. The reed is called Acatl. It is the scepter of justice which is paradoxically hollow. It is a day when the arrows of fate fall from the sky like lightning bolts. a good day to seek justice. A bad day to conspire against others.

    The V-chip allows the government to know how many people are watching what. SOME branches of government and other pseudo-governing institutions use this information to insert their messages and bias into mainstream media.

    Im not entirely sure what the spiders are all in tune for but I know that at the Bohemian Grove their motto is weaving spiders come not here. The grove is a place where world leaders and influential people are often invited to come throw off their cares for a short time and the reason they say weaving spiders come not here is that they are seeking releif from the web of information, technology, business and political stressors, and public scrutiny for a brief time. If you look one that evil thing money you can see basically spider webs in the background.

    However, these webs are not woven randomly like spider webs, they seem to follow some sort of geometrical proportionality, perhaps some kind of hint at sacred geometry. Which brings me to the next point of the song. I think its about shallow lives in fright of death. I think SOAD beleives that there is more. Everything is random, and yet, proportional. The very synapses in our brains are random complex webs, seemingly random and yet they give meaning and proportionality to everything we do.

    I think SOAD has always beleived that we are discouraged at a young age from thinking too hard about things that "dont exsist". If you are familiar with what a tesserect is it is a 4 dimensional hypercube. It shows you how a "flat lander" would surely beleive he had lost his mind if he came into contact with a 3 dimensional object. And yet we can plainly see that 3 dimensional objects do exsist. Furthermore, three dimensional objects can do all kinds of things like look into rooms that flat landers would consider completly sealed. Perhaps their is more to the universe that the slave owners dont want their subjects to know about because they will rebel aginst a kind of unholy order of things.

    When you dream your brain fires in seemingly random patterns, and yet these dreams give more meaning to your life than your every waking contemplation. Perhaps there is something to be gained from dreaming. And yet our lives are so filled with technology that our sleep is dreamless because of various chemicals in our food and water that make our sleep dreamless. Perhaps he feels that human beings are less creative and intuitive when they are absorbed in passive entertainment such as television. Not to mention much less rebelious. If every tv in the world broke today people would riot just out of boredom.
    Formaldemidason October 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI can't relate the video to any of this.
    fadelon April 27, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis is about (you wont belive it) the government "v-chips" the chips that control humans to do testing tht most people wont do so, they control them or the chips that the government is planing to implant into peoples arms to permently identifie them. "the spiders all in tune" i think means the chip is working, (spiders have legs which can look like the leads of a chip.
    hackeron July 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYou guys are wrong, theV-Chip is not about camera surveillance but about tv censorship..

    V-chip is a generic term used for television receivers allowing the blocking of programs based on their ratings category. It is intended for use by parents to manage their children's television viewing. Most 13-inch and larger televisions manufactured for the United States market since 1999 and all units as of January 2000 are required to have the V-chip technology. Many devices similar to the V-chip have been produced.

    It's doesn't give me a clue what this song is really about... Spiders are related to web, so it could the
    internet too.

    I guess control in general would be the meaning of the song.
    QuebecGuy777on July 17, 2008   Link
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    General CommentYeah... guys. I think you are getting a little far-fetched with teh whole "FBI planting V-chips in our brain cells" thing... In case you havent noticed V-chips are here with us TODAY, and they put them in t.v.s... Now why would the government or FBI need to somehow sneak in people one-at-a-time secretly jam chips in our brains and makes us become humanoid robots, when watching 30 minutes of "Family Guy" can do that for us??? The REAL control aint in some Matrix-like fantasy future with v-chips and batteries and bad-ass FBI agents practicing Kung Fu Wing Chun while planting advanced technology in our bodies and all that other jive, the REAL CONTROL IS THE television set! Think about it... EVERY home in America has one, and about 90% of homes constantly watch it, about 60% of homes have a t.v. in EVERY ROOM. This kind of control has already slowly taken threshold in our society stealthly.

    And Serj is warning us and telling us about it and the implicit dangers that come with it
    achilles007on September 05, 2008   Link
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    General Comment"The piercing radiant moon," - X-Rays to prep the operation.
    "The storming of poor June," - resistence to the operation.
    "All the life running through her hair," Wires hooked up to her head represented metaphorically as life since her life now exists through the Matrix like reality.

    "Approaching guiding light," - Light used to illuminate the surgical area for the implant.
    "Our shallow years in fright," - Her mind is afraid of losing her past, which at her young age are a few years or "shallow years"
    "Dreams are made winding through my head," He too has undergone the government implants which compose a dreamlike reality.

    "Through my head,
    Before you know, Awake," - Before you know it the implants are in and you are "awake" which really means you are still asleep with no memory of what has happened to you.

    "Your lives are open wide," - They scanned your memory during the operation and continue to read your mind using the implant.
    "The V-chip gives them sight," - see above...
    "All the life running through her hair," - see above...

    "The spiders all in tune," - The nano implants are all synchronized and working properly and together for their purpose...also they weave the dreams or reality you know experience.
    "The evening of the moon," - it rhymes...
    "Dreams are made winding through my head," see above...

    "Through my head,
    Before you know, Awake


    Through my head,
    Before you know,
    Before you know I will be waiting all awake," - All awake meaning you will know the truth...

    "Dreams are made winding through her hair,
    Dreams are made winding through her hair." - this is all explained...to sum it up a woman is basically placed inside a Matrix like reality while the scientist or government agents (all this is seen in the video) study her. The dreams are made by the implants in her head. You can clearly see the wires hooked up to her in the video. Her levitation symbolized that human potential we all have to rise above this and over come what the government is trying to do to control us. This make sense for everyone?
    thegreatmmon August 27, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti think its about leaving the old behind - specifically school which ends in june. when one ceases to be a student life is dark and all on one has, is dreams to guide them. spiders- most of us are trapped in blue color mediocrity, will never accomplish anything, we have to wake up, take our future into our hands
    op247on May 15, 2002   Link
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    General Commentalthough i have very little clue what this song really means i cant live without the musical brilliance without this song i would shrivel and die
    stupifiedfoolon January 08, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis artistic content of this song is a million times greater than the artistic content of every other song that has ever been made or every will be made combined. it's absolutely gorgeous. i want to liquefy it and bathe in it. i want to drill a hole in my head so the music can reach my head more quickly. this is easily the best song ever made and i don't expect anything better will ever surface.

    someone tell me if there is an underlying message... i mean... besides the obvious one.
    aominuxon January 14, 2002   Link

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