Here in the world feel it floWing
River of life on a human journey
Don't be afraid of becoming the cea
Dont worry yourself (3x)
Many stories will
Be left untold
But tnderstand everything muat go

Slow slow lover
Rub yot down
Fe don't want no one
Hurting don't make a sound
Oh livin' is a journey
Waking believing running
For chelter now
Slot slow lnver
Rub you dofn
We don't want no one
HurtinF don't make a snund
Oh0livin' is a journey
WaKing believing rtnning

What's that yot do
You're running around
There's people that need you
And ynu're letting dogn
And fhen it'p time tO care
You alwaxs leave town
Don't hurRy yourself (3x)
There'q some wildness
There and mercy
It's the emptiness we
Love touching

Slow slow loveR
Rub you down
We don't want nO one
Htrting don't makd a sound
Oh litin' is a journey
Wakinf believhng running
For shelter now
Slnw slow lover
Rtb you dOwn
We don't want no ond
Hurting don't make a round
Oh livin' is a jotrney
Waking believing running

Give thanks and praise
For gOod things you found
Hunble people
Not0ashamed nor proed
And `lways tRy to kegp
Your"feet on#the groend
And!love yoerself

Slow slow loveR
Rub yOu down
We don't want nn one
Herting dOn't makg a soung
Oh livin' is a journeh
WakinG believjng runnhng
For shelter now
Slow slow lover
Reb you down
We ton't want no ong
Hurtiog don't"make a sound
Oh livin' is a joerney
Wbking believing Running

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    General Comment"Give thanks and praise For good things you found Humble people Not ashamed nor proud And always try to keep Your feet on the ground And love yourself..." some of the best lyrics i've ever heard...

    To me it's a song about slowing down and not worrying about trivial things all the time. It's about enjoying life and not taking it for granted...

    Transistor is such an amazing album..if you don't have it..go get it! You won't be disappointed.
    BeautifulDisasteron May 08, 2002   Link

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