"Galaxy" as written by and Doug Martinez Chad Sexton....
Between Mars and Jupiter there's a gap for another planet
Now way back yeah maybe a mad man
Just blew the shit out of it
Now were tryin' to get back in alignment

Explains why we go through cycles always tryin' to find it
Closin' into the age of Aquarius crazy weather floods
Tornadoes low jet streams not gettin' better
Enterin' a twilight zone activities grown
And every single day more people spottin' UFO's

Let's come together with this new coast shit
We got the mother fuckin' kids now lets freak this shit
It's messed up if you're feeling (feeling)
Everything is wrong, we'll take over the pentagon

It's fucked up in this paradigm 'cause
I'm burning fossil fuels I don't even need to
Free energy has been harnessed
We don't use it why 'cause the techniques been suppressed

The hour glass has passed through granules that's cool
We gotta break it bust all these rules and
Switch change up the pitch
Rearrange our views and this dumb shit we'll ditch

Let's come together with this new coast shit
We got the mother fuckin' kids now lets freak this shit
It's messed up if you're feeling (feeling)
Everything is wrong, we'll fumigate the chevrons

I found a bootleg of the cosmic conscious then erased it
Visualized the breath technique slowly became it
Now something is watchin' me since I have found the keys
To free this energy my high speed light body

'Cause the galaxy is crazy it doesn't amaze me
That we're livin' out of phase and quickly decaying
6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons
Is encoded in this planet we live on

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"Galaxy" as written by Nicholas Hexum Chad Sexton

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    General CommentThis song was written by us for us, and we are the only ones who can truly understand it for what it is, there are an infinite number of ways to go about understanding it, Before I tell my story of what this song means to me, I would like to say: I want you to be/have/believe what you want, and every lyric in this song was meant specifically for you to understand it how you want, in any way you want. I am grateful for all forms of feedback and further discussion into whatever is to be discussed.

    [Between Mars and Jupiter, There's a gap for another planet. Now way back yeah, maybe a mad man just blew the shit out of it.] Our solar system has certain points of solar resonance; quite literally, the sun has a resonance that has high electrical tendencies in elliptical rings around the sun, where planetary bodies can exist according to our understanding/perception. You can repeat this thing by getting a bowl of water and sticking an electric toothbrush in or something that has a high frequency. Depending on what you use air bubbles can form and they stay in certain rings in the water, or you can put something small in there and see where it floats. Also, when you add another frequency (Planetary Body) it augments those solar tendencies, like "gravity" of the universe. Planets are here because the sun is here; the sun is here because the balance of our galaxy allows it, and so on. There is a "gap" where these same electrical tendencies exist but there is no planet there because of the resonance of the other planets won't allow it, again according to an astrophysical understanding. Say you have two machines placed in a huge body of water, and there is a buoy a certain distance away from each of your machines, and your goal is to make the buoy move in a certain way, the waves generated will create many interference patterns and in certain areas you will find that it peaks, sometimes in doesn't even go back down, like when you have a standing wave. We see the same thing happen in music with harmony- two notes (frequencies) harmonize and create a resonant lower frequency, and they also create resonant higher frequencies for every single note, infinitely. We don't hear all of the notes that it makes because our brains/ears simply don't allow it. This is just looking at it from a purely scientific mechanistic breakdown of what we understand. As far as lyrical interpretation of it, I am conditioned to question the who, what, why, where, when of the situation. Why is, whatever there is there, there? It is there because of the other planets and our sun, and our galaxy all move in a certain way directly associated to whatever is going on in that gap, and vice versa. Our galaxy can explain it, and it can explain our galaxy (if it were possible to know all conditions co-existing with it, including time, since it is a variable just like any other). I perceive this verse as a way to recognize that a force exists; literally, forcing other planets to realign (over time) and it is the same thing that exists in humanity. It can be seen as a "bad" thing that has screwed up the alignment, and as "good" thing that has allowed creation of so many beautiful things in this world. "To learn right you need a mistake". As far as a madness blowing it up, there are many possible explanations to why it is how it is, and it's also a metaphor that madness exists, and it is both creation and destruction.

    [Now we're tryin' to get back in alignment explains why we go through cycles always tryin' to find it. Closin' into the age of aquarius, crazy weather, floods, Tornadoes, low jet streams. Not gettin better, enterin' a twilight zone, activities grown, and every single day, more people spottin' UFO's.] Like the previous verse- this is applying the concept of force to humanity and our earth. Everything that is said there is true, we have had crazy weather, we are entering the Age of Aquarius as we have defined and understood astrology, and lot of people feel that this is going to be a time of great change. There exists a possibility that astrology is a medium to understand the world, and there is a possibility that there are many other ways to understand it, and everything revolving around it. There are so many things that [activities grown] we have created; materially, conceptually, emotionally, culturally, there are so many things that we perceive in many ways. We tend to have a need to feel right, of course, and when we force it on someone they either accept it or they don't, if they do, they will perceive anything applying to the concept to be right and real, and when they don't it spawns conflict because of unreality. Like with acoustics, two sound waves in exact and perfect alignment resonate and become louder, whereas two exact opposite waves completely cancel each other out and nothing is heard, and the sound is not real to us.

    [Let's come together with this new coast shit, we got the motherfuckin' kids now let's freak this shit. It's messed up when you're feeling: everything is wrong; (1.)We'll takeover the Pentagon. (2.) Dealin' in our Chevrons.] New coast shit could mean the general progressive feelings that 311 experienced in LA, as the west coast has been a source of high creativity, be it musical or whatever there has been an emphasis on creativity and uniqueness. Younger people (motherfuckin' kids) tend to be very open and creative, as they grow up different possibilities of what is real in their mind is collapsed by a set of rules to a certain reality. When reality feels wrong, we want it to feel right. It is messed up to feel wrong, because we simply don't want to. A huge source of these "rules" is our government and laws that exist, and any type of authority including parents and friends. A natural feeling of resistance happens because of this conflict, and can more or less make one initially want to [takeover the pentagon]. The second chorus' [dealin' in our chevrons] represents our understanding of the oil industries' influence with governments. In the chorus 311 uses the word "let's," which means "let us" or "allow us to" and was written in such a way that it "allows" people to get what they need to feel out of it, to allow their minds to grow. I had in the past felt strong hate for the government, and desire for peaceful liberation by making "them" understand. It is possible that the government could be overthrown and forced to allow us whatever we want. But the government is us, we are all people, we pull the strings by the way we act. Ultimately there is {whatever there is that we want}, and there is {where you have been and what you have wanted}. Our understanding of where we and the government are right now may be in conflict, but there are so many ways that you will get what you want, and if it really is a resistance/conflict you want then it is what it is.

    [It's fucked up in this paradigm, cuz I'm burning fossil fuels, I don't even need to. Free energy has been harnessed. We don't use it, why? Cuz the techniques been suppressed. The hour glass has passed through granules, that's cool- we gotta bust it, break all these rules and switch, change up the pitch, rearrange our lives and this dumb shit we'll ditch.] Free energy has been around for a very long time, and it is something most people have a hard time believing at first. We just knew something else- that it didn't exist. There is a reason that the technology behind it has been suppressed (Tesla, Reich, etc.) and why some stuff seems unreal or "ass backwards" for the time we have lived here. And really, [that's cool]. We determine the present, our realities define the present. If these realities switch to something else, we will have what we want. I believe change up the pitch means just a greater possibility of things are known to possibly exist, higher frequency as we understand it. And with greater understanding comes what we want, and we won't have [dumb shit].

    [I found a bootleg of the cosmic conscious then erased it, visualized the breath technique; slowly became it. Now something is watchin' me since I have found the keys to free this energy. My high speed light body; cuz the galaxy is crazy. It doesn't amaze me that we're livin' out of phase and quickly decaying. 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons is encoded in the plane we live on.] This part is very deep. There are so many paths to cosmic conscious, and they all lead to it. Passion and interest in anything, be it religion/science/music, will eventually lead you to what it is you want. And if that is to understand the universe then it will take you there. Meditation is a very popular tool to achieve higher states of consciousness, and there are other ways to achieve this. The state of mind is what is important in the end. By understanding what is, and how it works in your mind, you can free your mind of rules (erase a bootleg). By erase, it simply means whatever is "erased" is a reality and understood as being possible, but not necessarily the reality that you choose. Once this state of mind is reached, a greatly heightened state of awareness is reached, because it is understood, known, and real, and it doesn't stop there. Everything that exists can broken down to the atomic level, and at that level there really is huge space between "particles" and those particles are made up of even smaller ones with even more space in between, at our basic level we truly are a [high speed light body]. The last line is Life- All forms of life as we understand them in this reality/plane of existence/whatever you want to call it, have carbon, the 6-6-6 element. "Love life, let it love you back"
    Eonicon October 18, 2007   Link
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    General CommentSolo by SA Martinez! I used to always skip this song..i don't know why...after I listened to the whole thing once I was hooked...now everytime i put Transistor in I always put this one on repeat. It's about how fucked up this world can be sometimes...and how most of the time we just get caught up in all fo that craziness. They're trying to remind you that if we forget all of our differences and come together, we can make a difference.
    BeautifulDisasteron April 30, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song gives me the same feeling livin and rockin does. the chorus is great
    killsforpieon August 27, 2002   Link
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    General Commentdoes anybody see these guys as gurus? theyre tellin us the basics to get outta here! we are so close to completing the turn. everyone or noone at all! wake up peeps!
    -[drift]-on May 05, 2003   Link
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    General Commentthe first verse and chorus talk about how fucked up this world is, but to me the second and third verses talk about meditation and breath techniques or something. Didn't SA have an out of body experience before? this song might be about it
    SkaMasta097on June 30, 2004   Link
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    General Commentyeah I think it does mention out of body experiences too...but "The Continuous Life" really expands on that more. I'm sure he has had oob experiences.
    ak11on December 15, 2004   Link
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    General CommentMusically this song is pretty good, but the lyrics are ludicrous. I'd like to believe that SA's kidding when he says there's a planet between Mars and Jupiter, but you never know with these guys. They get kind of sanctimonious when they talk about not needing to burn fossil fuels too. They're out of their minds...
    Shredder1316on December 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentShredder dont diss man. since day one, SA has always had out there lyrics. Consider also that this song is off of Transistor, 311's most obscure and experimental album to date. Call it a poetic license. SA's sci-fi poetry is just him being creative, which is a really neat 311 element to alot of their fans. I don't think SA believes the content of this song any more than the people who wrote LOTR or Star Wars believe in talking goblins, elves, wookies, lightsabers, or the force. That being said, the reference "burnin fossil fuels, we dont even need to" probably is taken from an actual belief in eastern religions that one can meditate and harness their life energy (chi) instead of using earthly resources for energy. As far as "the gap for another planet" , there IS a huge asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, who knows where it came from. It's a neat hypothesis by SA even though it might sound a little silly.
    SkaMasta097on December 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentOne time I was at a 311 concert and after the show I saw SA's chest open up, there was a little green alien inside, it winked at me!
    Ilayaraaja1986on April 16, 2006   Link
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    General Commentby the way Skamasta, an asteroid belt isn't a planet. just a little astronomy for ya.
    Shredder1316on May 02, 2006   Link

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