Every thought that I repent,
There's another chip you haven't spent,
And you're cashing them all in,
Where do we begin. To get clean again,
Can we get clean again.
I walk home alone with you,
And the mood you're born into,
Sometimes you let me in,
And I take it on the chin.
I can't get clean again.
I want to know, Can we get clean again,
The God of Wine comes
crashing through the headlights of a car
that took you farther than
you thought you'd ever want to go,
We can't get back again,
We can't get back again,
She takes a drink and then she waits,
The alcohol it permeates,
And soon the cells give way,
And cancels out the day.
I can't keep it all together,
I know...I can't keep it all together.
And the siren's song that is your madness,
Holds a truth I can't erase,
All alone on your face.
Every glamorous sunrise,
Throws the planets out of line,
A star sign out of whack,
A fraudulent zodiac.
And the God of Wine
is crouched down in my room,
You let me down, I said it,
Now I'm going down,
And you're not even around.
And I said no...
I can't keep it all together,
I know...I can't keep it all together,
And there's a memory of a window,
Looking through I see you.
Searching for something,
I could never give you,
And there's someone who
understands you more than I do.
A sadness I can't erase.
All alone on your face.

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God of Wine song meanings
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    General Comment

    The "memory of a window" part is my favorite lines from any song ever, I love this song. It is my all time favorite 3eb song. They are the greatest band of all time. This song is very sad, it makes me cry almost everytime I hear it. I understand how hard it can be to leave someone you love, even if you know staying could be the end for you too. This song is a real representation of how love can kick you in the ass, and even though you know its hurting you its too hard to let go. Stephan really says it all with the "a sadness I cant erase, all alone on your face" statement.This is such a wonderful song.

    fanatical3ebchicon April 20, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    If you have ever loved an addict (specifically an alcoholic) then you know exactly what this song is about. It's amazing how well SJ captures emotion in his lyrics. Those last 4 lines are probably the most heartbreaking lyrics I've ever heard.

    carpathiaon December 28, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    Halo, very good and brief...But I think you can apply it to and relationship where the other person is bent on destroying themself...The hopelessness and how eventually you have to give up so you don't get messed up yourself...

    thisboyon January 28, 2002   Link
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    best part of the song:

    Every glamorous sunrise Throws the planets out of line A star sign out of whack A fraudulent zodiac And the god of wine is crouched down in my room You let me down, I said it Now I'm going down You're not even around And i said no no no no no no nooo

    desiring94on March 04, 2012   Link
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    General Comment

    Third Eye Blind is one of the greatest bands ever and God of Wine is the greatest song ever. These lyrics are sooo deep and beautifully written. This song is about someone watching the one they love destroy themselves. They then realize they are being dragged down with them even though they cant do anything for the person. "And the god of wine is crouched down in my room You let me down, I said it Now I'm going down ,and you're not even around And I said no...

    I can't keep it all together I know... I can't keep it all together

    And there's a memory of a window Looking through, I see you Searching for something that I could never give you And there's someone who understands you, more than I do A sadness I can't erase All alone on your face." These are possibly the best lyrics I have ever heard.

    aaron_lewis_shoeson June 28, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    stephan jenkins is a lyrical genius

    felicia942on August 16, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    I love the guitar parts in this song. They're so amazing; too bad Kevin Cadogan isn't in the band anymore. But who can't relate to the lines: "And there's a memory of a window Looking through, I see you Searching for something that I could never give you And there's someone who understands you, more than I do A sadness I can't erase All alone on your face." Those lines perfectly describe loving someone so much, yet they make you feel so totally inadequate. They've always got their attention turned to something else; it doesn't necessarily have to be alcohol, but something else is always more important to them than you. God, Stephan Jenkins is GOOD!

    cars_and_calorieson September 24, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    The line "Can we get clean again" is a metaphore. Its not about getting off drugs or juice. Its "Can we wipe the slate clean and start over, forgetting the past mistakes in a relationship"

    Custerfluxon December 26, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    This song shows how as hard as you try, the hits keep coming (and not alcoholic hits), and you know you're done for, and you're down and out, but you can't give it up and it's so hard to let go.

    riskbreaker419on April 18, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    And the siren's song that is your madness Holds a truth I can't erase All alone on your face...that is the best line. That line basically sums up my last relationship. He was so bent on destroying himself. Not through drugs, but he was destroying himself. He was a endless sea of doubt. It was horrible. Finally everything broke down, and he realized everything that was wrong. I tried so hard for so long to be there for him and to fix things, but it completely drained me. It was horrible. So I guess I can also relate to the line, "can we get clean again?" However our relationship ended with the line, "That took you farther than you thought You'd ever wanna go We can't get back again We can't get back again." Stephen writes beautiful lyrics...

    Sweetygal16on May 03, 2002   Link

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