you came one night, turned my tide
blood red moon that you are
now i sit here, what can i do
wrapped in feathers and tar
you clutched my back and you bit my neck
stroke me down to the floor
you burn my brain, lay me in chains
and i want more

i'm on my knees, can't you see
i don't know what to do
can't you heal me, can't you feel
that my heart belongs to you

it seems so wrong, that i sing this song
could it be, babe, could it be that you feel the same
but let me tell you, and taht ain't no excuse
where both in the same situation
under each others sign like partners in crime
and nobody needs to tell me
that this ain't the end of the world
it's just one of those crazy moments of the late, late 20th century
but you visit my sweetest dreams and you kindle all of my phantasies
and you're right, it's your name that i scream
don't you feel it, don't you hear me baby...

i'm on my knees, can't you see..

you came one night, turned my tide
blood red moon that you are, now i sit here, what can i do
wrapped in feathers and tar
you paint my lips and you sank my ships and i, i love you so, ilove you so
you see me pray, please go away
no, don't go, don't go, cause i want more..

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