Some will say it's too late
So don't change the story
There's too much at stake to grow
Yesterday was so great
Just bask in the glory
Don't let your feelings show

And I say, "Oh Yeah"
Like a man with a condition, I wait for my heart to stop
Oh, they say, "Stay down,
Gotta plan hold that position.
You can't afford a flop."

Pack my suitcase
With my game face
Take the same place
And put away the dreams I had
Let my hair grow
Find some old clothes
Let the world know
That my glory days were plaid

I'm not asking for permission
Are you ready for me to be me?
Just pass the ammunition
This prisoner's about to bust free from chains

For so long you told me to keep it familiar
Just play what they all would find
I can wear this blindfold, stick to your story
But I gotta ask myself why
And I play those songs!
For so many seasons
Till I'm sure I'm losing my mind
And I say, "Oh no,
Gotta have a much better reason
To leave all my dreams behind."

Rearrange us
Stay the same fate
And become your favorite fad
With the see through
I gotta be true
I can't be you
While yes still comes in plaid

I'm not asking for permission
Are you ready for me to be me?
Lord, pass some ammunition
This prisoner's about to bust free from your chains
I'm more than just excited
Like a hundred pounds of monkey off my back
(I got to find myself out)
Now everybody's invited
To ride this train till we run clean out of track
Clean of track

repeat chorus

Lyrics submitted by Demau Senae

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    Chicago's great way of saying "F*** you, Warner Brothers".

    Mattbluhalofanon November 02, 2007   Link

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