Mirror, mirror on the wall
You know I thought I knew it all
But now I see I never stopped to listen
I've been measuring the October days
Forgetting what the radio plays
And wondering if there's something I am missing

Feels like so long since I been lyin'
Feels like so long since I been cryin' to myself
Feels like so long since I been tryin'
To lay my troubles on somebody else

But it's so easy
To run away into that other world of mine
And it's so easy
To take a little step across the borderline
So come on in, we're starting over
Put down your money, and be like us
So come on in, and show your friends
Put down your money, and be like us

Now a prophet without honor speaks
And whiles away the lonely weeks
And knows that all his fellow men are laughing
So you want to be a movie star
And drive a big red fancy car
And weave between the fallen statues crashing

Feels like so long since I been healin'
Feels like so long since I been feelin' alright
Feels like so long since I been stealin'
Away from you and out into the night

But it's so easy

Well I can't expect for you to wait
The cavalry has come to late
And I am after all a human being
I'm gonna wait here for the sun to rise
Take a dagger and cut out both my eyes
Cause I can't fight against the things I'm seeing

And maybe someday you will see me
And maybe someday you will need me but I don't know when
And maybe someday you will free me
And pull me 'cross the borderline again

But it's so easy

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