[Willie Stubz]
Can I hit that?
It's Willie Stubz and Beatnuts, Beatnuts and Willie Stubz
What up, real pimp niggas on the cut, what up
Uh huh, let's blaze it
Yo check it out yo
I hit the world unexpected like a meteor shower
Twist L's, Hennesey sour, pass on the powder
Make an entrance like a vigilante wit a vengence
Fight for independence, like my descendants
Write a whole chapter, compressed in one sentence
I blast in an instance, America's most makin a toast
Fine women playin us close
Underground to the street level
Money and jewels we embezzle
Never play the fool for the devil
The temptation is there to hug you like a grizzly bear
Fuckin wit the wild life, beware
Willie Stubz the underboss and I move wit force
When po-po take a loss I have no remorse
You know the deal, only blazin shit that could feel
Beatnuts be movin the crowd like blue rteel
Cho-cha-cha, that's the three course meal

"Cha cha cha, forward back
Cha cha cha cha, back forward"

Yo I pop up like sicles
When you ain't on point like hard nipples
I flow, y'all clowns merely trickle
Like hot sweat down a fat bitch ass cheek
I'm so nice that I'm not, call me nasty
I bite my toenails and spit em at wack niggas
I used to sell crack, now I'm gettin rap figgas
Too Hype to be Unsigned, so I unwind, puffin on vines, baby and nines
Till the spotlight is mine, pullin up in the Lex truck
Wit four chrome rims, ha for the best buck
Three TV's and twelve-changer cd's
Bumpin everything from Beatnuts to the Bee Gee's
Ain't nuttin funny like Missy wit her hee-hee's
MC's get popped but not wit no bibi's
Swing calhoun and styles like Sassoon
Vidal, fuck a trial give me hundreds for miles

"Cha cha chA, forward back
Cha cha cha cha, ?put it on me?"

[Psycho Les]
You don't know the half so
Sit down fatso, watch me blast boats like gas blows
Outta assholes, I'm on a roll
So butter me, bitches wanna mother me
Take they bras off and smother me
Irkin me, for an appointment
Cuz they love jerkin me off the ointment
It's Pyscho, the new pimp, the new pimp
Dead all the bullshit, get wit this new hit
As I hit the bong so, stay Puff like Sean Combs
Bang heads like bongos, you get the *gong sound* like The Gong Show
Catch you comin out the tree spot
Cripple you wit a knee drop
Now you struttin real cute like a peacock
Personal injuries when faces run into these
Y'all niggas need more treats, fuck them keyboard beats
Hip hop hippy, jump in my whippy
Light up the clippy and let the vibes hit me, c'mon

"Cha cha cha, forward back
Cha cha cha cha, back forward"

[Ju Ju]
Yo I used to spit outta anger, now I just spit out a banger
Flip and pull your lungs out wit a hanger
I'm not a trouble-making nigga, but I handle my beef
You on some Eric B. shit like "What happened to peace?"
Got no problem wit smashin teeth, fuckin your wife
Robbin you nigga, kidnappin your niece
Bless your cheek wit a permanent crease
I'm a problem you don't need
Y'all probably go run for police
Y'all could sell all the drugs in the world
Hang wit all the thugs in the world
Won't be the first hole that I dug in the world
Taste dick when you kiscin your girl?
Well you should cuz she swallow more nut than a squirrel nigga

"Cha cha cha, forward back
Cha cha cha cha, back forward
Cha cha cha, forward back
Cha cha cha cha, back foward"

*Swinger talking shit to the end*

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Album art
No Surprises
Same ideas expressed in Fitter, Happier are expressed in this song. We're told to strive for some sort of ideal life, which includes getting a good job, being kind to everyone, finding a partner, getting married, having a couple kids, living in a quiet neighborhood in a nice big house, etc. But in Fitter, Happier the narrator(?) realizes that it's incredibly robotic to live this life. People are being used by those in power "like a pig in a cage on antibiotics"--being pacified with things like new phones and cool gadgets and houses while being sucked dry. On No Surprises, the narrator is realizing how this life is killing him slowly. In the video, his helmet is slowly filling up with water, drowning him. But he's so complacent with it. This is a good summary of the song. This boring, "perfect" life foisted upon us by some higher powers (not spiritual, but political, economic, etc. politicians and businessmen, perhaps) is not the way to live. But there is seemingly no way out but death. He'd rather die peacefully right now than live in this cage. While our lives are often shielded, we're in our own protective bubbles, or protective helmets like the one Thom wears, if we look a little harder we can see all the corruption, lies, manipulation, etc. that is going on in the world, often run by huge yet nearly invisible organizations, corporations, and 'leaders'. It's a very hopeless song because it reflects real life.
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Plastic Bag
Ed Sheeran
“Plastic Bag” is a song about searching for an escape from personal problems and hoping to find it in the lively atmosphere of a Saturday night party. Ed Sheeran tells the story of his friend and the myriad of troubles he is going through. Unable to find any solutions, this friend seeks a last resort in a party and the vanity that comes with it. “I overthink and have trouble sleepin’ / All purpose gone and don’t have a reason / And there’s no doctor to stop this bleedin’ / So I left home and jumped in the deep end,” Ed Sheeran sings in verse one. He continues by adding that this person is feeling the weight of having disappointed his father and doesn’t have any friends to rely on in this difficult moment. In the second verse, Ed sings about the role of grief in his friend’s plight and his dwindling faith in prayer. “Saturday night is givin’ me a reason to rely on the strobe lights / The lifeline of a promise in a shot glass, and I’ll take that / If you’re givin’ out love from a plastic bag,” Ed sings on the chorus, as his friend turns to new vices in hopes of feeling better.
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Ed Sheeran
“Midnight” is a song about finding a love that is so true that it provides a calming feeling through every storm. Ed Sheeran reflects on his good fortunes in landing someone with such peace and support and speaks of not fearing the dark days because he knows they’ll all end in the safety nets of her arms. “Well, good morning there / What a way to start the day / With everything laid bare,” Ed Sheeran sings in the first verse, enthusiastic to be waking up beside his woman. He apologizes for missing her calls in the second verse and promises to return them because for him, speaking to her is the most important thing. “Well, I get lost inside my head / In this chaos, you’re my calm / And I will find my feet again / ‘Cause еven the worst days of my life will always еnd / At midnight in your arms,” sings Ed Sheeran in the chorus, revelling in his good luck.
Album art
Another Love
Tom Odell
I think the meaning is pretty clear. This person got really burned in a previous relationship, and because of this is unable to love and show care in his present one, even though he so badly wants to. It's lovely song, and very sad. You can really feel how defeated and frustrated he is with himself.
Album art
Sunglasses at Night
Corey Hart
In the 1980s, sunglasses were a common fashion for people who wanted to adopt a "tough guy" persona (note all the cop shows from that era -- Simon & Simon, Miami Vice, etc. -- where the lead characters wore shades). So I think this song is about a guy who wears shades as a way of hiding his insecurity after learning that his girlfriend is cheating on him. He's trying to pretend that he's a "tough guy" to hide the fact that his girlfriend's affair is disturbing him.