I'm on Lonely Street age nearly three
Recently Mama's cryin all the time is it because of me
Or my younger sister, even Dad was weeping when he kissed her
Face all Puffy like a blister, cryin' like he missed her
Since we moved away from the house where we useta play
They say I'll understand one day, but I doubt it, Mama never say nothin' about it
How'd it get to be so crowded
I found it a strain, everywhere I look I see pain
And I can't escape the feelin', meybe I'm to blame
So I strain to listen, prayin' for a decision, whishing' they were kissin'
This feels like extradition or exile, Mama finds it hard to smile
So I make pretend cups of coffe in her favourite style
She says child I'm working so there's nothing you lack
Bus she know I want my Dad, I want my family back

I'm on Lonely Street, age forty-three
Couldn't gauge when tot quit so my wife quit me
Took offence, took the kids, I wish that was the end
But before she took her leave she took care of my best friend
Workin' all the hours God send was not the tactic
Y'see cuz after ten years I'm left with jackshit
Wanted to make the cash Quik so I useta work real late
Bad sex, My woman's vex, even if I stay awake
And if I'm honest, I had a little cake at the office
I was eatin' We'd do our cheatin over coffees, makin' tea for the bosses
Makin free with me and I agree I got sleazy too easily
But I'm forty-three, this doesn't usually happen to me
Now I'm lonely, I wonder what my son's doing today
Suddenly I'm blinkin' like the screen on my computer display and I'm drinkin'
Concerned about what's down the track if I don't get my family back

I'm on Lonely Street, number fifty-three
Boarded up probperly, I'll probably get pulled down
Litter all around inside there's no sound and no light
But yo it gets busy at night, people creppin'
Derelicts sneakin' to fix, speakin'
On the way my timbers creaking', roof leakin'
And bricks comin' loose, knee high in refuse
But even though I'm a slum I'm still of some use
There was a time when my walls were decorated
And under my roof children were educated
But now paint's faded, windows are all smashed
A crash in the economy robbed me of my family And no strategy
combats negative equitiy so that's it. Like violence it's drastic
I'm freaking', and seekin' to be more than just a house of crack
somebody bring my family back

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    General Comment

    He's looking back on his life and wondering where it went wrong.

    rich20bon February 15, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    This song is particularly poignant to me as someone who grew up with a struggling single mum after a messy divorce. It says a lot to me about family life, particularly references to children not fully understanding the conflicts of their parents lives, yet feeling the burden of them. The interesting thing is the metaphors used which leaves the song open to interpretation. Also, is the person speaking in the second verse the same person as in the first verse? If so it seems a reference to the fact people with harder upbringings struggle with relationships as adults. What is the significance of the perspective becoming a house? The song is about pain in relationships and family life. Maybe the house is a metaphor for the emptiness when a family collapses, sleaze or poverty would explain the drugs reference. Could the line "I'll probably get pulled down..." be perceived as a reference to the fragility of relationships?

    CEREALon February 17, 2006   Link
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    This song describes the break up of a family from three different perspectives. Firstly, from the point of view of a child whose father has left home: ''And I can't escape the feelin', maybe I'm to blame". Then from the point of view of the absent father: "Now I'm lonely, I wonder what my son's doing today " and finally, and in my opinion, brilliantly, from the point of view of the house -here we must assume that the family have had to move out: "There was a time when my walls were decorated. And under my roof children were educated ....I'm freaking', and seekin' to be more than just a house of crack, somebody bring my family back". When I first heard this song I was stunned by that last verse.

    tropical21on June 29, 2006   Link
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    I agree with tropical21: the 3 verses do offer 3 different perspectives: the sun (I'm on Lonely Street age nearly three), the father (I'm on Lonely Street, age forty-three) and the house (I'm on Lonely Street, number fifty-three).

    I think it's an amazing representation of a family falling apart. The perspective of the helps is such a nice touch!

    phlojoon May 14, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    What a beautiful, eerie, sad song is this! Brilliant, all these emotions (although the beauty comes from the music only, in my opinion).

    I think tropical 21 has it right: the same situation seen from three viewpoints, the last one being a building. I think an abandoned school, now a drug using spot, because "children where educated / I'll probably get pulled down / it gets busy at night / derelicts sneaking in to fix / roof leaking" and so on. Pretty clear actually.

    Writing this makes me kind of sad. I have some experience in the scene, fortunately I was able to escape it and now I'm doing quite well but I know there are (and always will be...) addicts. People who -mostly because of circomstances and coincidence, meeting wrong people- create a dependence of narcotics of some sort. To escape feeling, fleeing from situations or responsibilities. If you do not have any experience with 'drug users' please do not judge them too hard. It is true that most of them can't help it and I know it is very difficult to get clean. They really should get help.

    Hanszelon November 22, 2017   Link
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    A very poignant song, brilliantly told through 3 differing viewpoints. The real genius of the song is the 3rd view being the house.

    andy78on June 01, 2018   Link

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