"Until The Next Time" as written by and John Mills Easdale....
Bang and here we go
Watch the road, and don't drive so slow
Takes so long and it's so hard
There's a million bums in my back yard
I get excited, I get so impatient
Takes so long to get back home
To do it up
To do, or die

And we've only just begun
And I feel like having fun
But I swear I'll be all right
Until the next time

So that's how it starts and
I left out the best parts
I sweat and talk too much
Don't shut up, don't shut down
Tell me a story, man I'll tell you twenty
Costs so much and goes so fast
Screws you up and drags you down


And I start off feeling swell
Pretty soon I'm done too well
But I swear I'll be all right
Until the next time

Costs too much and I talk too much
Takes so long, and it goes so fast
I can't think too straight, aauugh...


And I start off doing fine
Pretty soon, I'm keeping time
But I swear I'll be all right
Until the next time [Repeat x 8]

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"Until the Next Time" as written by John Mills Easdale

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    General CommentThis song is the perfect starter for Dramarama’s “Vinyl" record. The jangling guitar and manic pacing kick things off with a bang, so to speak. As to what John is singing about, when listening to the track, clearly there is some sort of excitement conveyed. I always thought that excitement was for starting or ending a road tour because of the driving references. A careful read of the lyrics reveals a little more. Perhaps the excitement John is singing about is about procuring and experiencing illicit substances (okay drugs, I said it!)

    Either way, this is one fine tune and really gets me pumped up every time I hear it.
    grogleyon December 20, 2008   Link
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    General CommentWhat a tune. First heard it in "In The Army Now" as a youngster, always found it super catchy, never really put a meaning to it until just, perhaps, this evening, nigh on 15 years later, hehe.

    I think the above is correct - could be referencing the guys going on tour, and I think it's definitely referencing drugs. Costs so much, goes so fast, screws you up and drags you down. Pretty clear.

    That said, I think there's a deeper reading. I think it's about life. Bang! And here we go. Geez, just yesterday it seemed like we were 8 years old without a care in the world. What am I doing in this adult body, they didn't train me for this! Bang, here we go, just like that.

    Watch the road, you know, you gotta be wise. (Correction here) - BUT don't drive so slow. Yeah but not too wise, gotta mess up sometimes, gotta risk, gotta enjoy, gotta have those thrills.

    I think we live for those thrills. And when I was younger, those thrills were exactly that - drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. I've only recently discovered a much greater thrill - the thrill of living. Sometimes life is mundane, good God - it costs so much, takes so long... Do the cooking, do the cleaning, punch in the time clock. I get excited, but I get so impatient...

    Then there's those moments that are like. Wow. Where you just wanna scream, dance, shout it out loud. And this song makes me feel that way - had a moment with it out on my porch, dancing my little heart out, playing the air drums. And as I crawled back into my room, I realized. Everything is as it should be. Everything is perfect. Life is beautiful, life is wonderful. That is the deep spiritual thrill that keeps me coming back for more. All the pain, struggle, tears, mundaneness - it's all part of the plan.

    We've only just begun, and I feel like having fun - Here comes that thrill

    But I swear I'll be alright, until the next time - I'm certain, I can make it through all the trials of life, I'll be alright, until I get pack to that point of ultimate serenity, ultimate bliss, ultimate Love.

    Great tune. :)
    kevin11429on April 18, 2016   Link

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