Shooting for the stars
Cruise the speed of light
Glowin god of Mars
Body burning bright

Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind
Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind

Tearing up through life
Million miles an hour
Blinding all in sight
Surging rush of power

Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind
Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind

Ridin' on the wind! Ridin' on the wind!
Ridin' on the wind! RIDING ON THE WIND!

Thunderbolt from hell
Shattering aloud
Screamin' demons yell
Bursting through the clouds

Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind
Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind

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Riding On The Wind Lyrics as written by Kenneth Downing Glenn Raymond Tipton

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    General CommentHow can no one not write anything about this song? its kickass and also hosts a great drum performance in the beginning plus the vocals of the one and only Halford. what more do you want?
    NaZ21on February 02, 2007   Link
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    General Commentis Halford singing about a motorcycle? anyway, its a bitchin' song
    anticristoon March 16, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretationnot sure, but it seems to be a motorcycle song.
    the lyrics are ambiguous enough that it could apply to any exciting activity -- hang-gliding, parachuting, jogging, sex, etc.
    c204on May 12, 2017   Link
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    My InterpretationYes, this song is about the thrilling experience of a riding fast and dangerously on a motorcycle. It is a metaphor for life, in which as young adults we have goals drive us to old age and frustration in attempt to achieve them.

    The analysis:

    "Shooting for the stars" (that which we have a 'drive' to achieve)
    "Cruise the speed of light" (and that may be out of our reach)
    "Glowin' god of Mars" (and we find it to be something to fight for - where Mars is the Roman god of war - hence, we fight like hell),
    "body burning bright" (which causes us to expend great energy toward winning what we want or think we want)

    "ridin' on the wind" means: and life goes on (in this case, perhaps the 'fast life')

    "Tearing up through life" (we often 'do unto others' and leave/create a trail of drama or disaster in our lives. Sometimes unknowingly or without care)
    "Million miles an hour" (and it happens quickly, aging us before we know it)
    "Blinding all in sight" (but others are oblivious to who we are or what we want or can be - we are often dismissed or ignored)
    "Surging rush of power" (creating anger, frustration and more drive to get what we want)

    "Thunderbolt from hell" (we are often stricken with trouble when we least expect it)
    "Shattering aloud" (crushing our dreams and lives instantly beyond our control right in front of others)
    "Screamin' demons yell" (those issues within us that are the cause and our curse of not being able to achieve or be what we desire)
    "Bursting through the clouds" (in which our own issues become known to us, and public to others in our world)

    This is why, "ridin' on the wind" means, life goes on no matter what, life in the fast lane, never stopping the thrill of living as the way to live and so on. The song is a brilliant commentary on a synopsis of adult life and its frustration in the modern world through our constant drive for instant gratification within a rat race. It's composition is brilliant because it conveys so much meaning in far fewer words than expected. To say that it is a kick-ass or bitchin' song is an understatement. I suppose it could apply to any thrill sport or experience that would have you "ridin' on the wind" too. The music is critical to this song which positively brings it alive.
    JudasMonkon March 01, 2018   Link

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