1 for the trouble 8 for the road
7 to get ready when i'm lettin off all my load.
Funk buddah monk in the trunk
I got you thumpin so hard
Up and down the boulivard.
I'm a natural born cap peeler
Strap dealer on the west coast
Settin it off no one's realer
Get your fix of the uncut funk
A small dose of the skunk weed
Like it supposed to be move it out
Just move it on out what you talkin about son
I got the first shot and its all over now
One nation under a groove
Smoke a pound for the skunk of it
Every time i make a move.
Smooth and together raw like leather
Ain't goin out like a punk never.

Check it out 1, 2, cypress kru
What you wanna do. [Repeat]

Its the number one money maker
Money take a few steps back
I'm on a plane to jamaica
Puffin on a fat white owl
Tuff shit for the fool thinkin i'm foul
I got the ruff shit.
Hard rock bone break stoned raider
In the temple of boom not safe to assume
That i be lettin shit slide no way
Bitch niggas can hide but i'll find their ass
Some day. Check it out 1' 2 cypress kru
What you wanna do
Where ever you are put your motha fuckin spliff
In the air sound off like you got a pair
When i kick to the metronome click
Be lookin around cuz the shit ain't over with yet
People can't understand my situation
Now they're cought up in a soul assassination
Fool just take cover its all over
When i break you off a chunk of this motha fucka

Check it out 1, 2, cypress kru
What you wanna do [repeat].

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