We can buy that mansion on the hill
We'll fill it up until it's filled
We'll buy a big black cadillac
And we'll keep an extra one in the back
We'll sit home just listening
To the sounds of the winds when they're breaking
And we can buy that diamond ring
And just about any other thing
With somebody else's money

We can buy you that flower garden
With every rose that's ever risen
With a blanket and a safety pin
We'll keep away all the boogie men
And we can buy you that swing
Swing through the skies openings
And we can buy that diamond ring
And just about any other thing
With somebody else's money

We can tattoo nickels on our skin
We'll drain our veins and put honey in
We'll buy new fingers two times ten
We'll even put pennies in our chins
We'll buy a silver set of wings
Lay 'em on our backs for the winds
And we can buy that diamond ring
And just about any other thing
With somebody else's money

We'll crash in on the neighbors wedding
We'll steal the cake and go running
You'll head straight for the jewelry
And i'll steal the money like a lottery
We'll buy a set of legs just for walking
And another set of tongues for when we're small talking
Another set of lips for being obscene
And another set of heads for halloween

And we can buy you that swing
To swing through the skies openings
We can buy that diamond ring
Just about any other thing
With somebody else's money

We can buy babies for the babies
We'll give them both big red ponies
They'll live in that mansion on the hill
That we'll keep on fillin' until it's filled

We'll watch the neighbors fatten up with greed
Watching us buying everything we don't need
I know they're listening
Through a telescope from across the street
Watching us fillin' up the bathtubs with sweets
Money, money, money

Money on the floor put money in the beds
Put money in the drains
Money coming out of our heads
Money, money, money

We can kill many a dirty man
Work by the church when they bring us in
We can buy anything
Because there's always something
That's so funny about spending
Somebody else's money

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Somebody Else's Money Lyrics as written by Jakob Dylan

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    General CommentI loveloveLOVE this song! This song is the ultimate satire of how money-driven our society is as well as how paranoid money can make it. He sings about crashing neighbors' weddings, buying a mansion on the hill and filling it, then turns around and laments the fact that he knows "they're" listening from across the street, watching them fill up bathtubs with sweets. It's like every celebrity who has scratched and clawed to become famous, only to wheel around and complain that their newfound fame is cramping their social life.
    loopydateon May 13, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the first comment about how this song is about our money-driven society. I don't like plugging the writer's personal life into interpretations, but this song might also have something to do with the fact that Dylan grew up very privileged and this may be his way of rejecting that. He is putting his privileged life in perspective and is exposing the ugly side of wealth.
    windandwater313on August 23, 2012   Link

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