The man steps out in the moonlight
At the sound of a scream from below
He thinks he is a warrior
So he picks up his sword and goes
From the mouth of the monster
He rescues the maiden fair
But we know she's a demon
Come to lute him to the demon's lair
Through restless foliage and tall trees he leads
To a house in a clearing, a place in her fear she calls home

"Come with me I need you
I fear the dark and I live all alone
I'll give you wine and food too
And something special after if you like"

And though his body bids him
To enter in with her
There was something in her manner
That his mind could not ignore

Also it is whispered
In the kingdom far and wide
To beware a little cottage
In the forest in a glade

For who knows what magic takes place in his world
So he just thanks her kindly preparing to go on his way

"Come with me I need you
I fear the dark and I live all alone
I'll give you wine and food too
And something special after if you like

Come to my garden
Taste the fruits and the spices of love
You can't resist me
I'm the kind that your dreams tell you of

So glad you could make it
We had everything arranged
So glad you saw fit to pay a call"

Some men never listen
And other never learn
But why this man did as he did
Only he will ever know

He knew he was walking
Into a waiting trap
Neatly set up for him
With a bait so richly wrapped

So he went inside there to take on what he found
But he never escaped them, for who can escape what he desires

"Come with me I need you
I fear the dark and I live all alone
I'll give you wine and food too
And something special after if you like"

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The Lady Lies Lyrics as written by Anthony George Banks


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    General Comment..

    There's times where I think, "Floyd is .. by far .. the most advanced songwriting that has ever occurred in this plane of consciousness".

    Then, I discover another Genesis song from this era.

    People, in general, have no clue how advanced Genesis was during the "Trick of the Tail"-"Wind &Wuthering"-".. And Then There Were Three" era. I still think it may be twenty more years before it soaks in to people. It took people about 150 years before Mozart-Bach-Beethoven really started to resonate inside the psyche and people recognized what it was. Genesis may be exactly that way. So, if you are exploring and listening to this music, you're way .. way .. ahead of the curve here. If you've never heard this stuff then .. congratulations .. your life is about to be expanded and refreshed.

    Here's the best way to explain genius songwriting:

    1,001 songs have been written about some dragon and maiden and on and on. It's cliche.

    But .. I took this song very personally because of the experiences I have had in *MY* life. Now, this "Song Meaning" website is supposed to convey opinions on what this means and that means in various tunes. BUT .. the most brilliant songwriting comes when it becomes very personal to you, specifically.

    As in:

    "Hey Bill .. look at that cloud .. it looks like a horse"

    "Huh .. I think it looks like a dog."

    For me, when I was 27 years old, there was this woman. I was in the process of getting divorced and this woman .. she had three kids .. by three different men. She had already been divorced twice and she was only 24 years old. Now, I damn straight knew this was bad news .. and I'm a career guy and my buddies were saying "Are you out of your friggin' mind?" I had no kids. I didn't know anything about kids. And here is this woman with three kids by three different men living alone with them:

    "Come with me I need you
    I fear the dark and I live all alone
    I'll give you wine and food too
    And something special after if you like"

    Unbelievable. That verse right there can explain the entire concept of being a female. The first two lines .. a man feels like he is doing something more than just himself. Something bigger .. he's protecting and soothing fear with courage. Wine and food .. alternate consciousness to examine reality and .. sustenance. Come on, man? What else do you need? Well .. "Something special after .. " IT'S THE TRIPLE JACKPOT, GUYS! Holy smokes, I've hit the lottery.

    And that .. my dear friends .. is seduction.

    To close my personal story .. it was exactly as was expected and I tried to stick it out for 12 years of marriage but in the end .. it's exactly what it was perceived to be when I went in to it.

    My dad used to tell me:

    "You know what you get, son, when you rescue a damsel in distress?"

    "No, dad, what?"

    "A damsel in distress"

    And that's what this song is about .. *FOR ME* .. and that's the brilliance .. utter brilliance. It's personal. Though it's not written that way.

    Genesis has so many layers to them the common person just walks right over it and never gets wet.

    Unbelievable genius of immense proportions. If people you are around or interact with do not understand Genesis or think they are about "Mama" or how they can't dance and leave it there .. you might want to steer clear of those people and enrich your existence with the company of somebody who dares to dwell in life a bit more than a chimpanzee with a collar and trousers.

    Maximize your humanity.

    Listen to Genesis from this period.


    StealBreezon May 12, 2013   Link
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    General CommentI'm not sure. It takes it influence from fairy tales of knights fighting dragons ect. I think it is about someone who goes on a quest get's lot in some woods and meets some fair young lady who really is a kind of wicked witch of the west type who is trying to entrap him. Seems like Banks work to me - Genius!
    timbo.hon January 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI find the chorus to be especially tasty: the jazz drumming style and beautiful bass work and piano... mmmmm
    slyborgon March 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt's one of my favourite Genesis songs, both musically and lyrically. From the very first chord to the fade-out, it is absolutely haunting and brilliant.

    In the beginning, it sounds like the ordinary knight-saves-maiden-tale, but soon our story becomes a lot darker. The chorus is indeed very tasty, and Phil's high-pitched vocals add to it. Just imagine how inviting these lines must sound when sung by a beautiful lady - I'm not surprised our knight cannot resist her. She seems rather confident, too.

    The instrumental break (how nice is this!) after the second chorus describes his struggling, torn between reason and lust, but in the end too much attracted to her not to go.
    I think, the lines that follow, "So glad you could make it, we had everything arranged", tell us that the lady IS a demon. She is speaking about herself as "we", as if there are two personalities, the woman and the demon, inside her. Also, Phil is now singing her lines in a deeper and dark tone of voice.
    "For who can espace, what he desires?" is another great line. So, this, of course, is what we are supposed to learn from Tony Banks's fairy-tale. ;)

    I like how they ended the song: slowly fading out, after having given us the appealing chorus for a last time, and leaving the listener to imagine what became of the poor hero in the end.
    I don't know about you, but it definitely creates some disturbing pictures in my head - while, at the same time, another part of me forces me to push the repeat button. :)
    WhiteWolfDiefon October 22, 2011   Link
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    General Commentsome of the Homerian Sirens in there, also.
    neilfeinon July 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSo right about Tony Banks
    nagromnaion February 10, 2007   Link
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    General CommentA knight saves the "maiden fair", however in this case its just a demon disguised as a beautiful woman. When he takes her home she begs him to come inside with her, saying she's lonely and whatnot. He knows something isn't quite right, but eventually, to be blunt, his dick overpowers his brain and he goes inside and never comes back out.
    T.G. Rebon October 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentOf course, the fairy tale can also be understood as a metaphor... there are women (and men) in the real world that could be called demons...

    "who can escape what he desires?"... this line gives me shivers...
    soboton September 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI had a crazy girlfriend once. Well, I knew her in passing for years. She was in her mid twenties, from a broken home (lived with her mom and brother), unemployed with an unused 1/2-assed associate degree from a local community college, no driver's license either. She was saying her mom was about to throw her out and was basically holding her under lock and key. Estranged from her dad b/c he was abusive etc. Saying she wanted to become more independent but her folks wouldn't let her. We were at this party together and as the night wore on and we got drunker and wilder, hooked up and didn't look back. I ended up taking her in and of course nothing ever improved. She couldn't keep a job, and refused to get the kind that required working on weekends. I tried to teach her to drive and she crashed my car. And what was worse, she still let her mother interfere with everything we did even though she claimed she threw her out. When I finally stood up to the mother a year later, she overdosed on pills, after which I got the ambulance to take her to the hospital to get her pumped and she was institutionalized. So, unlike the man in this song who "never escaped". I did escape! And when she was gone, everything was just as sound as it was before she had arrived.
    vtrc1220on November 16, 2013   Link

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